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Churchill Teachers Speak Out: Letter to the Editor


We would like to thank all of the CRS Students, Families and Staff who participated in the fight to increase funding for FCPS. Thanks to your efforts, we can continue to invest in attracting and retaining the best teachers; and put an end to increases in class sizes.

Your tweets, emails, letters, Facebook messages and participation in our budget rally paid off. The Board of Supervisors provided funding so Superintendent Dr. Karen Garza could limit class sizes in grades 1-3, and provide teachers with their first pay increase in several years. As a result, Churchill was able to keep several talented teachers who could have moved to neighboring school systems that pay more.

But this was just the first step. The schools need to continue efforts to reduce class sizes throughout all grades, and we need to continue investing in our school staff to regain our competitiveness in the region.


We also heard from many of you that we need a longer term plan.  That you do not want to fight for every dollar for our schools, year after year. We also know that many of us are concerned about increases in property taxes to meet the needs of FCPS.

This past Spring the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a longer term solution that will allow our community to decide whether it wants to pass a meals tax, of which 70% of these funds would go directly to the schools. This revenue tool is already used by all incorporated cities, 47 counties and 107 towns throughout the state of Virginia, including nearby jurisdictions that are attracting our teachers.

In the coming weeks and months, we hope to help educate you and answer your questions as you decide whether this tool will benefit our schools.



Thank the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for making school funding a top priority, and for looking for a way to sustain school funding over the long term by putting the meals tax before voters.


There are opportunities that can fit into any schedule, such as volunteering to hand out materials at a school event; responding to action alerts; or attending monthly.




Q: I’m always hearing that people are applying for teaching jobs at FCPS, so it shouldn’t matter if some teachers leave for better paying school districts. Why is that such a big concern?

A: It is true that FCPS receives many resumes each year from applicants interested in teaching positions. But, that does not mean that all—or even most—of them meet FCPS’ standards. Additionally, employee turnover comes at a price. It costs more to attract and hire new employees than it does to keep the ones already on staff. FCPS’ employees are what make this school system so great. Offering competitive salaries and benefits is critical to keeping outstanding employees.

Reprinted from February 6, 2015 Rumor Busters, The Bottom Line