Parent Education & Resources

The Parent Education and Resources Committee promotes opportunities for CRS parents to come together to explore how to better understand and support children in elementary school. The committee sponsors gatherings where either the Professional School Counselors or other relevant speakers lead discussions related to school and parenting.  Topics will address common academic, social and behavioral issues. 

Check back soon for information about programming for the 2017-2018 school year.

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The Parent Education and Resources Committee has hosted the following past events:

  • CRS Librarian, Sari Warren, and Reading Specialist, Cindy Haines, hosted a parent information session about Summer Reading. To download the materials they presented, please CLICK HERE.
  • CRS sixth-grade teacher Meghan Ehrman hosted a parent information session about building self-esteem and resiliency in elementary school girls. The presentation was very well received, and materials from the presentation are now available. To download the materials, please click on the respective links below.

Powerpoint Slides of Mrs. Ehrman’s Presentation

“Raising a Powerful Girl”

“9 Ways to Boost Your Daughter’s Self Esteem”

  • Dr. Heather Tedesco, an applied psychologist, gave a presentation at CRS.  Slides from her presentation and a list of suggested resources are available by clicking the links below.  A brief description of the presentation is below.

Have you ever tried to motivate your child to improve his performance by rewarding him for high grades or a good game with money or presents? Do you find yourself acting as your child’s personal assistant, keeping track of homework assignments, tests, and projects on a regular basis? Do you try to boost your child’s self-esteem with praise or treats when she has suffered a disappointment? Do you work hard to prevent your child from missing out on enrichment opportunities or from falling behind his peers? If so, you are like so many well-intentioned, deeply caring, highly engaged parents who are following today’s conventional wisdom for parenting. Unfortunately, many of these common techniques are ineffective and often counterproductive, producing results that are the opposite of parents’ good intentions. Join Dr. Heather Tedesco as she discusses these and other common parenting scenarios and explains how we can more effectively motivate, shape, and nurture our children’s development.

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