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FCPS FY 2019 Budget

The Board of Supervisors adopted the 2019 budget on May 1. This budget fully funds the School Board's request, bringing teacher salaries into competitive alignment with neighboring areas ($53.1 million for new teacher salary scale enhancement, $43.9 million for step increases for eligible employees), addressing enrollment growth and changes in student demographics ($15.8 million) and instructional program enhancements ($5.1 million). Overall support for FCPS from Fairfax County increased by $91.49 million or 4.22% over Fiscal Year 2018. The fiscal year starts each year on July 1. Learn more about the budget calendar

Budget Quick Link: Fairfax County Adopted Budget Memo

Advocacy at the CRS PTA

Did you know that the PTA is the oldest and largest volunteer child advocacy association in the United States? The National PTA has a long, successful history of influencing federal policy to promote the education, health and well-being of all children - priorities today include family engagement in education, quality education for all children, adequate funding for education, child health and nutrition, safe schools and communities, and fair Juvenile Justice laws.

At the CRS PTA, we work with our local officials (such as the School Board, Board of Supervisors, delegates, etc.) to advocate for our CRS community. Some of the issues we advocate for include reducing class sizes, addressing teacher pay gaps, and ensuring adequate education funding. Plus we work to make sure you are informed of issues that could impact your student or opportunities to be engaged in shaping education direction at FCPS - empowering you to be an advocate for your child and our community. 

FCCPTA Budget Ideas Form

FCCPTA (Fairfax County Council of PTAs) seeks your input on its budget ideas form on what should be the priorities for Fairfax County Public Schools. Let us know so FCCPTA can inform your local elected officials.



Thank the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for making school funding a top priority and urge them to continue to invest in our school system. FCPS is primarily funded by Fairfax County (71.2 percent), with contributions from Virginia (22.9 percent), other sources (4.3 percent) and the federal government (1.6 percent). More than 85 percent of the FCPS budget goes toward instruction. FCPS is the second largest local economic driver for Fairfax County behind the federal government with a local impact of $2.2 billion.


The Fairfax County School Board is charged with setting general school policy and establishing guidelines that will ensure the proper administration of FCPS program. Share your thoughts on priorities for school funding and other school matters with our delegates. You can also speak at a board meeting - sign up here. Interested in what's being discussed at school board meetings? You can access meeting minutes and videos here.


There are opportunities that can fit into any schedule, such as volunteering to hand out materials at a school event, responding to action alerts, or attending monthly meetings.


EMAIL:  [email protected]


Churchill Teachers Speak Out: Letter to the Editor 

Q: I’m always hearing that people are applying for teaching jobs at FCPS, so it shouldn’t matter if some teachers leave for better paying school districts. Why is that such a big concern?

A: It is true that FCPS receives many resumes each year from applicants interested in teaching positions. But, that does not mean that all—or even most—of them meet FCPS’ standards. Additionally, employee turnover comes at a price. It costs more to attract and hire new employees than it does to keep the ones already on staff. FCPS’ employees are what make this school system so great. Offering competitive salaries and benefits is critical to keeping outstanding employees.

Reprinted from February 6, 2015 Rumor Busters, The Bottom Line