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For the 2018-2019 school year, our After-School Activities (ASA) program is back with many different fun classes and clubs for students to participate in. ASA has three sessions this year - Fall (10/1-12/7), Winter (1/7-3/8) and Spring (3/25-5/24). You can view the catalog for each session here, along with other helpful information. Summer Camps will be announced in late January or February.  

Note: Kindergarten students can participate in the Winter and Spring ASA sessions, but are not eligible for Fall.

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Registration for most ASA clubs is completed through our partner Enrichment Matters ("EM"). If this is the first time you have registered for ASA this year, you will need to complete the fields under "New User" to create an account on the EM portal (after clicking on the registration or log-in buttons). Note: Chrome and Firefox browsers are recommended for use when registering. If you have any questions or concerns through this registration process with EM, please email [email protected] and their team will work to resolve it as soon as possible. 

For each session, CRS PTA members who have joined the PTA prior to the deadline for each ASA session (Fall: 9/5, Winter: 11/28, Spring: 2/27) will have an opportunity for priority registration prior to each general enrollment period. You must renew your CRS PTA membership each year - click here to join the CRS PTA or renew your membership. To complete priority registration, a code (provided by the PTA prior to priority registration for each session) must be entered when prompted to access the registration form. You will not be able to skip this step by entering your CRS PTA account username and password directly.

For any issues during registration on EM, please email [email protected].


FALL 2018 REGISTRATION DETAILS:  Click here for additional information and class/club listings.

  • Priority Registration: For PTA Members ONLY. FALL 2018 PRIORITY REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.
    • Starting at 9 a.m. on September 6, CRS PTA members who have joined prior to 11:59 p.m. on 9/5 can click here to register. Priority registration codes will be distributed to eligible CRS PTA members prior to the start of enrollment on 9/6. You must use this link and code to register for ASA. If this is your first time registering via EM, please see the new registrants instructions in Registration Information. You must login to our EM portal and enter the provided code when prompted to access the registration form. Priority registration ends at midnight on September 7.
  • General Registration: Opens on September 10 at 7 p.m. and closes at midnight on September 17. A $40 late fee applies to any registrations from 9/18-9/19 (ends at midnight). FALL REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.

WINTER 2018-19 REGISTRATION DETAILS: Click here for additional information and class/club listings.

  • Priority Registration: For PTA Members ONLY.
    • Starting at 9:00 a.m. on November 29, CRS PTA members who have joined prior to 12:00 noon on 11/28, can click here to register. Priority registration codes will be distributed to eligible CRS PTA members on the evening of 11/28. You must use this link and code to register for ASA. If this is your first time registering via EM, please see the new registrants instructions in Registration Information. You must login to our EM portal and enter the provided code when prompted to access the registration form. Priority registration ends at midnight on November 30.
  • General Registration: Opens on December 3 at 7 p.m. and closes at midnight on December 10. A $40 late fee applies to any registrations from 12/11-12/12 (ends at midnight).
SPRING 2019 REGISTRATION DETAILS: Click here for additional information and class/club listings. 
  • Priority Registration: For PTA Members ONLY.
    • Starting at 9:00 a.m. on Feburary 28, CRS PTA members who have joined prior to 12:00 noon on 2/27, can click here to register. Priority registration codes will be distributed to eligible CRS PTA members on the evening of 2/27. You must use this link and code to register for ASA. If this is your first time registering via EM, please see the new registrants instructions in Registration Information. You must login to our EM portal and enter the provided code when prompted to access the registration form. Priority registration ends at midnight on March 1.
  • General Registration: Opens at 7 p.m. on March 4 and closes at midnight on March 11. A $40 late fee applies to any registrations from 3/12-3/13 (ends at midnight).

    • Bobcat Theater: Presented by Rise Up Theater Company. Participation in Bobcat Theater is audition-based, with tryouts in early fall. Auditions are closed for 2018-2019. The program consists of two performance groups with no distinction between the two. There will be a Tuesday Club (Bobcat Theater - Blue Cast) and a Thursday Club (Bobcat Theater - White Cast). Both casts will rehearse on their respective day from 3:30-5:30 p.m. (starting 9/25 and 9/27) and both will prepare a Jr. version of a Broadway musical. Rehearsals will provide students with intensive vocal, acting, and dance training. Each cast will rehears once a week with additional rehearsals added in the weeks preceding the performances in June. The year will culminate with each cast performing twice. This is a yearlong commitment. Only students in grades 3-6 are eligible for tryouts. For questions, contact Mr. Ericson at [email protected]. Additional information can be found on the Churchill Road website. (Note: This program is not managed by the CRS PTA, please direct all questions to Mr. Ericson.)
    • Kids' Literature Quiz (KLQ) Club: (4th, 5th & 6th grade students) KLQ is an international literature competition in which students up to age 13 work in teams to answer questions about books they have read. The club will meet weekly on Mondays after school from mid-September until mid-February to discuss a variety of literature genres and our favorite books, as well as to prepare for the competition. Learn more about the KLQ competition here. Contact Julia Fu or Marci Love with questions.
      • Information Sessions: The mandatory information sessions for enrollment were on September 5 and September 6 for 2018-2019. Enrollment is now closed. 
    • Girls on the Run: Open to girls in grades 3-6 and held during spring. Girls on the Run is a curriculum based program for girls in grades 3-6. Practices combine an innovative and fun curriculum designed exclusively for pre-teen girls addressing specific life skills through the use of games, warm-ups and workouts. The program begins March TBA and culminates in a 5K Run the weekend of May TBA (exact date & location TBD). The goal of the program is to encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development. The team meets every Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m at CRS. Your coaches are CRS teachers TBA.
      • Registration is at Registration details to be shared spring 2019. Fee is $TBA (includes participation in 10 week, 19 lesson program conducted by certified GOTR coaches, participation in the 5K running event, GOTR technical t-shirt, 5K medal, and comprehensive insurance).
    • Math Enrichment (MathCounts) Competition Club: (open to 6th-grade students only)
      • Registration closed 9/17 for 2018-2019.
        • Details: Students interested in the club should be high performers in math who wish to be challenged by solving middle school math problems.  Students who are currently enrolled Algebra or 6th Grade Advanced Math (especially those who scored over 500 on the 6th Grade math SOL last year) are strongly encouraged to consider this club. This club is not recommended for students who need help understanding grade level math skills. The club follows the MathCounts Program, which heightens students’ interests in mathematics by making mathematical achievement challenging and exciting. The club will focus on problem-solving strategies and higher-level math concepts. Weekly, the mathletes will solve problems individually and in cooperative groups. Students who are high performers in the club may be selected to represent Churchill Road in the Fairfax County MathCounts competition. This competition usually takes place on a Saturday in February. In addition, all club members are eligible to participate in the AMC8 in December, which will be administered during one of our math club meetings. More information about specific contests/tournaments will be available in November. Students should supply their own scientific calculator and pencils, but some extras will be available.
    • Science Olympiad B: Division B is for students in Grades 5th and 6th. Students participate in a Regional Tournament which determines qualification for the State Tournament. The tournaments are highly competitive, covering a diverse set of science and technology topics that are designed to expand on the Middle School science curriculum. 
      • Lottery: A lottery to determine this year's participants in the Science Olympiad B club was conducted on the afternoon of September 7th. 
      • Orientation Meetings: Mandatory orientation meetings were held on September 6 and 7. 
      • Club Meetings: The first meeting is September 18 and meetings will continue through end of March.
      • There are a few open spots for 2018-2019, if you are interested please complete this form and the SO-B team will be in touch with more information.
    • Science Olympiad A: Open to CRS students in 4th and 5th grade (5th grade students already participating in Division B may not participate). Students will prepare during Fall to compete in a Science Olympiad Regional tournament held locally. This inter-scholastic competition encourages learning in biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, problem solving and technology through a variety of events. At least one parent of each student must serve as a mentor for one of the competition events.
      • Orientation Meeting: Sessions were held on on August 31st.
      • Registration: Open from September 4 to September 9 on a first come, first serve basis. Students will be placed on a wait list once maximum enrollment has been reached. Registration for the 2018 Science Olympiad Division A Team is closed.
      • Club Meetings: The club will meet on Wednesdays after school during the Fall. There will be no Division A club in the Spring.
    • Summer Camps: Information for camps for Summer 2019 will be available later in the school year (typically February).


Full details for policies, dismissal, FAQs and more for classes/clubs run through Enrichment Matters can be found here. For any questions that are not addressed on the portal or below, please contact [email protected].



Please go over your child’s club schedule so that he/she will remember to attend the club rather than riding the bus, walking home or waiting for a ride.  Please check the end time of your child’s club and remember to pick up your child on time. Buses are not available after clubs end. 

Note: For students in Bobcat Theater, Drumline, Girls on the Run, Kids Literature Quiz, Math Enrichment, and Special Olympiad A/B, the teachers leading those clubs will provide dismissal procedures and contact information directly to parents of participating students. 

For all ASA classes/clubs run through Enrichment Matters, students taking Chess (in the cafeteria) or a class in the Gym should be picked up by parents or authorized adults at the external doors of those locations. All other students being picked up will be escorted to the front lobby by their Instructor. Students enrolled in SACC will be escorted to that program by their Instructor. Students authorized to walk home will be dismissed from their class locations. 

If your child is not attending ASA clubs that day or someone other than the caregiver is picking up the child, then please email the On-Site Coordinator at [email protected].  

Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are picked up on time from ASA each day. If a parent or authorized adult arrives more than 10 minutes late to pick-up a student, the On-Site Coordinator will issue a late pick-up slip the parent or authorized adult must sign. Enrichment Matters will then assess a $25 late pick-up fee to the parent. If you will be late, contact the On-Site coordinator (see Contact Information below). Repeated late pick-ups may result in dismissal from the program with no refund.



You can find FAQs for general program questions, payments & refunds questions and on-site procedures questions for all classes/clubs run through Enrichment Matters here. Some of the most common questions and answers are noted below.

  • Number of Registrations: Students can be registered for up to 5 classes/clubs (1 per day) for each session. Kindergarteners can participate in the Winter and Spring sessions.
  • Refunds/Cancellations: There is a $15 processing fee for cancellations before a session begins. Email [email protected] to request a cancellation and refund prior to the first week of the session. After the first day of the session, refunds are given at the discretion of the Provider. In these cases, contact the Provider directly (contact information is available on the class description page) and ask about their refund policy. Providers retain the right to not offer refunds after a session has begun. If your child is asked to withdraw from a class during a session due to behavioral issues, no refund will be issued.
  • Late Registration: Registration for classes through Enrichment Matters is open for late registration for approximately 48 hours after open registration closes for an additional non-refundable fee of $40 - no further registrations will be accepted after the late registration period ends.
  • Waiting List: During open registration, you can request to be added to a wait-list for any class/club (through EM) that is full when you try to register. If a space opens in the class, you will receive an email notification that space is opened and can attempt a new registration. All parents who request a wait-list notification will be notified at the same time, and space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Minimum Class Size Requirements: All classes have a minimum number of students required to make the class feasible to run. If the minimum is not met by the close of registration, the class (for those via EM) will be canceled and registered parents will have the option to apply the fee paid to another available class (that is not yet full) or receive a full refund. Affected registrants will have 24 hours to request a transfer once notified.
  • SACC: For children participating in a before school ASA class who also are at SACC before school, please make sure to fill out the authorization form for SACC to take your child to class. Children participating in after school activities & who are also in SACC will be dismissed from their homeroom to ASA, and then brought to SACC after their ASA class finishes.
  • Class Cancellations: In cases of inclement weather and CRS is closed or dismisses early (or delayed start for morning classes), ASA classes are cancelled. If a Provider needs to cancel a class, they will email the parent/guardian as soon as possible. In cases of emergency where Instructors are not able to get to classes as scheduled, the On-Site Coordinator will call parents/guardians to pick up their children and supervise them until a parent or authorized adult arrives (students in SACC will be sent to that program). Depending upon the session and availability of make-up class dates, a make-up class may be scheduled. The Winter session has 2 make-up dates reserved for each class (if more than 2 dates are missed due to inclement weather or snow cancellations, additional make-up dates are not available and no refunds will be issued).
  • Early Dismissal Days: On days when FCPS has scheduled early dismissal, no ASA classes are held.
  • Dependent Care Receipts: Need an ASA invoice? Log-in to your account on Enrichment Matters. Click on "Reports" in the upper right navigation. Select the year. Click "View Report". Download in PDF or Excel format (drop-down selection).


If you need to reach the On-Site Coordinator (Sissie Lewis) during ASA hours (M-F 3:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.), then please send an email to [email protected] or call (703) 307-9053.

To contact Enrichment Matters for issues related to registration or payment for ASA classes run through EM, please contact [email protected]. Please include the name of our school, student, and the class (if applicable).

For questions not addressed via the FAQs on the EM portal, please contact [email protected].