CRS PTA Budget & Financial Guidelines

2018-2019 Budget:

Click Here to view the amended CRS PTA budget for the 2018-2019 School Year. The amended budget was voted on and approved by the executive board at our executive meeting on December 5th and was approved by the general membership at our monthly meeting on the evening of Wednesday, December 12th.

Click here for the approved CRS PTA budget for the 2018-2019 School Year. The PTA budget was voted on by the General Membership at Back to School Nights, August 29-30.

2018-2019 Budget

What will the PTA fund this year?

The CRS PTA provides support for our students through investing in academic enrichment (STEM, Reading, Project Based Learning, Languages, Art, Music, & much more!) through:

  • Curriculum support with books, project materials, software, & online resources
  • Educational experiences with author visits, student assemblies, field trips, and special grade level events like Colonial Day, Ancient Civilizations, and Reading Rodeo
  • Special programs like our Positive Behavior System, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support/Responsive Instruction (MTSS/RI), and Student Council
  • Technology to support enhanced learning experiences in the classrooms as well as the Library, Physical Education and other specials departments

We also support our students and their academic experiences by investing in Churchill Road Elementary and its staff through:

  • Teacher incidentals support through funding for out-of-pocket classroom supplies & materials to support curriculum enhancing activities
  • Professional development support for teachers to learn new techniques and ideas they can share across CRS
  • School support for our outdoor science lab and other campus improvements

How is the budget planned?

Each year the Budget Committee (consisting of parent and staff volunteers) prepares a preliminary proposed budget based upon CRS PTA goals (as established by the board, based upon member input). The CRS PTA board reviews and amends this budget as required prior to voting on the budget. The annual budget is then presented to the CRS PTA membership for approval via voting. Any proposed changes to the budget of over $300 will be presented at a general membership meeting for approval of the amended budget.

What is Appropriations?

Depending upon the amount of funds raised through the CRS PTA during the school year, additional funds over the planned budget will be allocated to Appropriations. Proposals for potential funding will be solicited from parents and school staff. An Appropriations Committee (consisting of parents and school administration/staff) will review proposals and provide a proposed funding proposal to the CRS PTA board. The board will vote on the proposal and then present the proposal at a general membership meeting for approval. The appropriations process typically runs in the spring of each school year. 

2017-2018 Audit Report:

The 2017-2018 Audit Report can be found here (PDF viewer required). The Audit Report was adopted by the membership on 9/12.

July-September 2018 Audit Report:

The July-September Audit Report can be found here, as presented to the membership for adoption on 10/10.

Financial Forms:

Disbursement/Reimbursement Form (for use by PTA committees)

Disbursement/Reimbursement Form (for use by grade level treasurer liaisons)

Disbursement/Reimbursement Form (for use by CRS teachers and staff)

Deposit Record Form

Spring Appropriations Proposal (for submitting funding proposal to Appropriations Committee for Spring 2018 consideration)