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We Need You! Volunteer with the CRS PTA!

The CRS PTA is a 100% volunteer run organization. We are able to support so many wonderful activities for the CRS community because all of our parents pitch in to help. Below you'll find the many different ways you can get involved at CRS. We are sure you will find something to suit your interests and your schedule! 

Want to raise your hand to be more involved with the CRS PTA for 2019-2020? Either tell us a specific role you are interested in or what kinds of activities you enjoy on our volunteer form and we'll help match you to the right opportunity. Filling out the form does not commit you - we'll give you more information so you can decide if the volunteer role is right for you and your schedule!

Volunteer Interest Form

Looking for our Volunteer Manual, with tips, FAQs and more to help our volunteers? Go here.

Questions? Come to a PTA meeting at CRS or click here to email Kristi West, 2018-2019 CRS PTA President, to discuss ways you might get more involved.

Navigation Quick Links - Roles by Committee:

Membership Committee*(Chair – VP Membership):


New Family Outreach
The New Family Outreach committee is the welcoming committee for families who are new to the CRS community. The committee hosts a series of coffees to which new families are invited. Responsibilities include:
  • Working with CRS office staff to identify families who are new to the CRS community
  • Planning coffees (including one during the end-of-summer Open House) to welcome new families to the school, as well as inviting new families to the coffees and publicizing the coffees
  • Helping collect and forwarding new family contact information to the Directory Committee
  • Organizing summer play dates for incoming Kindergarten families and coordinate the Kindergarten parent buddy program

Individual Volunteer Positions:

Student Directory Coordinator
The Directory Coordinator works with AtoZ Directories and the community to ensure that our online directory is available to all families who wish to participate. The committee also oversees the production and distribution of a hard copy directory to the members of the CRS community. Responsibilities include:
  • Working with CRS staff to identify new families
  • Reaching out to new families to encourage them to register for the online directory
  • Sending a link to all returning CRS families so they can review/update their information
  • Inputting data into the online directory where necessary
  • Coordinating the printing of, and distribution of, the hardcopy directory with AtoZ Directories
  • Working with the New Family Outreach committee to collect contact information from new families
Go Home Notes Program
The Go Home Notes program allows students to go home with a friend after school, either by bus, car, or walking, other than their usual way. The service is coordinated through the PTA and is possible only with the help of parent volunteers. Volunteers are asked to be available 30-60 minutes on a designated weekday morning (8-9 am) to verify the Go Home Notes requests for that day. Responsibilities include:
  • Coordinating a schedule of volunteers
  • Teaching volunteers how to use the Go Home Notes system
  • Being available to troubleshoot system problems
The Hospitality volunteer will order and pick up items needed for the monthly morning meetings with the Principal or the pizza with the Principal evening meetings which run prior to the PTA meetings.     

Community Relations Committee*(Chair – VP Community Relations):


The Advocacy Committee remains up to date on issues being discussed by the FCPS School Board and in the news that may affect the Churchill Road community. When necessary, it works with the PTA leadership and school staff to notify our community of important issues, provide information for contacting leaders making the decisions and let parents know of community meetings where they can get more information or voice their opinions. Responsibilities include:
  • Staying on top of issues that potentially affect the CRS community, including issues at the local and state levels
  • Publicizing issues to the PTA membership
  • Organizing support for positions that the PTA takes on issues
  • Acting as the liaison between the community and decision makers
  • Drafting letters, emails, PR pieces, news stories, etc. as necessary to promote the community’s positions
Community Service
The CRS Community Service Committee provides much-needed help to the community beyond our school doors. The Committee organizes service projects that parents and students can participate in, like sandwich-making for the homeless through Martha's Table, a Book Fair Drive to share gently used books, Holiday Gift Drive to benefit families in poverty at our "buddy school," Dogwood Elementary in Reston, and a spring drive to support SHARE, which assists the needy in Northern Virginia. Responsibilities include:
  • Publicizing service projects
  • Soliciting volunteers and donations for various service projects
  • Coordinating service projects with intended beneficiaries

Individual Volunteer Positions:

McLean Citizens Association Liaison
The McLean Citizens Association liaison is the CRS representative on the MCA Education and Youth Committee. Responsibilities include:
  • Attending meetings of the MCA Education and Youth Committee
  • Reporting to the PTA membership on any important issues being discussed by the MCA
  • Bringing issues that affect the CRS community to the MCA
  • Coordinating with the Advocacy Committee on issues requiring action
Churchill Cares
Churchill Cares serves as a liaison between CRS and school families in crisis by offering temporary support with meals, grocery runs, transportation, after school care, etc. during the time of crisis. Responsibilities include:
  • Working with CRS counselors and administrators to identify families in crisis
  • Working with identified families to determine needs and solutions
  • Organizing volunteers to meet the needs of identified families

Safe Community Coalition Liaison
The SCC liaison will keep abreast of the SCC activities will report to the PTA as needed.  

Fairfax County Council of PTAs Liaison
The liaison to the Fairfax County Counsel of PTAs. Responsibilities include:
  • Attending meetings of the FCCPTA as a representative of the CRS PTA
  • Reporting to the PTA membership on any important issues being discussed by the FCCPTA
  • Bringing issues that affect the CRS community to the FCCPTA
  • Coordinating with the Advocacy Committee on issues requiring action

Special Education Representative

Finance Committee*(Chair – Treasurer):


The members of the Appropriations Committee are responsible for reviewing all funding proposals submitted by parents and staff. These proposals are ideas to benefit our CRS community and are funded through dollars raised by the CRS PTA each year.

Individual Volunteer Positions:

Assistant Treasurer
The Assistant Treasurer works with the Treasurer. The Assistant Treasurer will submit checks to the banks on the PTA’s behalf.

Fundraising Committee*(Chair – VP Fundraising):


Book Fair
CRS will have a school-wide Book Fair in November. Volunteers will help set up, staff and take down this major library fundraiser. Many volunteers are needed to make this a success. Responsibilities include:
  • Coordinating dates and details with school staff
  • Contracting with outside vendor to provide books and POS equipment
  • Managing the set-up of the book fair, the sales of books during the event, and the clean up after the event
  • Organizing volunteers to help with book fair
  • Submitting necessary documentation to the PTA Treasurer
Special Events

The PTA hosts an annual special event for the CRS community.  Special events traditionally run on a 3-year schedule, rotating among the Churchill Challenge 5K, the Parent/Teacher Basketball Game, and “President’s Choice” which in the past has been a CRS Fun Fair, CRS Trivia Night, and during the 2017-2018 school year was a celebration of CRS’s 60th Anniversary. Special event chairs coordinate dates and venues, secure sponsors, advertise the event, secure volunteers, etc.

Individual Volunteer Positions:

Shop & Support
The Shop & Support committee coordinates CRS’s efforts to collect Box Tops and to participate in other grocery and shopping fundraising programs (such as Giant’s Bonus Card and Amazon Smile).
  • Coordinating student efforts to collect Box Tops from select consumer products. Students can clip these “tokens” from product packaging and turn them into the school. The school then receives money for each Box Top collected. Includes publicizing the Box Tops program, establishing goals/prizes for classrooms and individuals, collecting and tracking Box Tops brought to school by students, and turning in Box Tops for school credit.
  • Facilitating the registration of CRS as a beneficiary of grocery and other shopping related loyalty programs (such as Giant’s Bonus Card). When families designate CRS as a recipient school, CRS earns money for every dollar that family spends at the given grocery store. Registration is fast and easy and doesn’t cost CRS families a penny!  Includes ensuring that CRS is registered to participate with all area stores, promoting the program and disseminating the sign-up information to CRS families, and receiving money from participating grocery stores.
  • Oversee online shopping programs with AmazonSmile and eScrip and promoting the programs
  • Coordinating the distribution of special offers from Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Minted and promoting the programs

Grant Opportunities
The Grant Writing Committee will work with the CRS staff to identify funding opportunities and to prepare grant applications. 

School Supplies
The School Supplies Coordinator works with teachers to create a list of all supplies necessary for CRS students for the year. Includes preparing a school supply list for each grade level that can be posted on the CRS and the CRS PTA websites. Coordinates with school supplies vendor (Sprout School Supplies) to enable online sales of school supplies packages and recruits volunteers to help distribute delivered school supplies to classrooms for start of the school year.

Spirit Wear Coordinator
Spirit Wear Coordinator will work with a graphic designer to create a graphic for clothing (on an as-needed basis to keep up with trends), work with a vendor to supply clothing, and coordinate the sale of spirit wear

Restaurant Night Coordinator
Coordinate and advertise periodic fundraising events at local restaurants where the CRS PTA will receive a percentage of sales as a donation to the Bobcat Fund.

Family & Student Activities*(Chair - VP Family & Student Activities):


After School Activities
The After School Activities Committee oversees all PTA-sponsored after school clubs at CRS.  The courses are offered in three sessions – Fall, Winter and Spring. Responsibilities include overseeing our ASA management vendor, Enrichment Matters (who handles most of the items below):
  • Issuing RFPs to FCPS staff and outside vendors for prospective after-school clubs
  • Selecting the clubs to be offered
  • Negotiating contracts with outside vendors
  • Creating pricing for each after-school club
  • Creating a course catalog
  • Completing and filing paperwork with FCPS for approval of all clubs to be offered
  • Managing course registration
  • Working with club sponsors on an ongoing basis to ensure quality programming and to rectify any concerns or problems
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Monitoring attendance
  • Collecting and monitoring hours of FCPS staff (both attendance monitors and club sponsors)
  • Submitting necessary paperwork and payment to FCPS for hours worked by FCPS employees
Artist Workshop
This committee oversees a program that coordinates parent volunteers to go into the classroom to present a curriculum topic through a fine arts perspective by using relevant examples. Responsibilities include:
  • Planning 5 one-hour sessions per grade to be given throughout the year. Students will engage in careful looking to understand and create meaning about the artwork and then make their own art project reinforcing the session objectives.
  • Supplying all materials needed for the presentations (in the Artist Workshop cabinets located in the Exploratory Arts classroom).  Often classrooms have 2 or more volunteers sign up so parents can share the responsibility for the five sessions during the school year.
  • Running an orientation session for volunteers in September.

Cultural Outreach


Family Activities
The CRS Family Activities Committee organizes a number of family-centered activities during the year to encourage school and community spirit. These activities may include Family Movie Night, Family Ice Skating Day, Bingo Night, the International Parade of Cuisines, and the Backyard BBQ. Responsibilities include:
  • Publicizing the family activities
  • Working with vendors to set up the family activities
  • Overseeing the registration process
  • Coordinating volunteers at the events
  • Setting up and orchestrating the events on the days of the activities
Parent Education and Resources
The Parent Education and Resources Committee promotes opportunities for CRS parents to come together to explore how to better understand and support children in elementary school. The committee sponsors gatherings where either the Professional School Counselors or other relevant speakers lead discussions related to school and parenting. Discussion topics have included navigating homework, strategies for positive discipline at home and school, maximizing reading and math skills, and sibling rivalry. Volunteers will help with publicity and set-up for these events. Responsibilities include:
  • Planning and scheduling various parent education sessions
  • Organizing speakers and town hall meetings on issues of interest to the community
  • Publicizing the parent events
  • Setting up and moderating the events
Sixth Grade Party
The Sixth Grade Party Committee coordinates the big send-off party for all graduating CRS 6th graders. The party takes place a few days prior to the 6th grade graduation. Responsibilities include:
  • Determining the theme, food and activities
  • Coordinating all logistics with the school and with outside vendors
  • Recruiting and coordinating all volunteers
  • Determining budget and collecting any fees necessary
  • Coordinating the sixth grade class gift
  • Putting together the memory book
  • Ordering class t-shirts

Staff Appreciation

The Staff Appreciation Committee coordinates the schedule and theme for events throughout the school year that show appreciation to all of the teachers and staff at CRS. Responsibilities include:

  • Hosting Staff Luncheons (beginning of the year, monthly lunches (one per grade level) and Staff Appreciation Week)
  • Organizing Staff Appreciation Week activities
  • Maintaining the Staff Lounge
  • Helping with retirement/farewell parties if applicable
  • Recruiting volunteer coordinators to manage events
  • This is a fun way to get involved and to say "THANK YOU!" to our amazing staff at CRS!

Individual Volunteer Positions:

Fix it Up
The Fix it Up Coordinator will oversee any minor repair projects needed around the school in conjunction with the Principal.

Library Volunteer Coordinator
Library volunteers will assist the librarian in the school library with various tasks including re-shelving and organizing books. Volunteers can work as little as one hour every two weeks or as much as two hours every week. This is a great way to spend time in the school, and you can even request to work during your child's class library time!  Responsibilities the coordinator include:
  • Recruiting & scheduling library volunteers
  • Assisting the librarian in training volunteers
Assembly Coordinator
The Integrated Arts Committee selects and coordinates the school assemblies that our students enjoy during the school year! Responsibilities include:
  • Advertising, setting up and taking down all of this year's assemblies
  • Coordinating any special requests with the performers
  • Attending a showcase of performers
  • Selecting the performers for next year's assemblies and getting the contracts in order
Reflections Program
The Churchill Road School PTA Reflections Program is part of the National PTA Reflections Program. The Reflections Program is an arts recognition program. Student entries will be due in October. Responsibilities include:
  • Publicizing the Reflections program
  • Preparing Reflections applications
  • Registering our PTA’s local Reflections program with the county
  • Collecting artwork
  • Arranging for judging of the artworks
  • Submitting artworks to the judges
  • Registering winners with the county
  • Preparing award certificates
  • Organizing, setting up, and hosting an awards reception
Spelling Bee
The Spelling Bee Committee conducts the written and oral spelling bee for CRS students in grades 3 - 6. Registration for the bee is generally in December; the written test is generally in January; and the oral spelling bee is generally in February. The CRS winner will compete in the Fairfax County Spelling Bee in March. Volunteers will help in the administration of the written and oral bee in January and February. Responsibilities include:
  • Registering CRS in the spelling bee program
  • Promoting the spelling bee to the community
  • Selecting the master lists of words for the bees
  • Organizing and running both the written and oral bees

Geographic Bee

The Geographic Bee Committee coordinates participation in the National Geographic Bee for CRS students in grades 4 - 6.  Registration for the GeoBee begins in September. Responsibilities include:

  • Registering CRS in the National Geographic Bee program
  • Promoting the GeoBee to the community
  • Organizing and running the Bee
The Wellness Committee is designed to help children and their parents learn the benefits of healthy eating habits, regular exercise and overall personal hygiene. Volunteers have an opportunity to initiate areas of interest as well as to help conduct Wellness Activities. Responsibilities include writing articles for the Chatter to remind/inform the Churchill Community about fitness and nutrition.

Communications*(Chair – VP Communications):

The VP of Communications is responsible for overseeing and managing all CRS PTA communications (email, Facebook, Twitter, website, etc.) - including ensuring close coordination with CRS for all school managed communications. The objective of the Communications Committee is to ensure that the CRS community is well-informed on all CRS PTA news, events, and other updates. Additionally, the Communications Committee has responsibility for the Yearbook and Room Parent programs.


The Yearbook Committee manages all aspects of the publication of Churchill Road’s yearbook, as well as coordinating with volunteers to make sure that pictures are taken at CRS events and working with the school picture vendor to manage Fall and Spring picture day.  Responsibilities include:
  • Coordinating with teachers and parent volunteers to take pictures of school events, field trips, and other CRS happenings
  • Coordinating and publicizing school picture days
  • Working with teachers to gather information about their classes and students for the yearbook
  • Selecting a theme for the yearbook and working with the art teachers to support the 6th grade cover art contest
  • Managing the layout and content of the yearbook
  • Coordinating with the yearbook vendor to finalize publishing and printing of the yearbook
  • Publicizing the availability of the yearbook
  • Overseeing the purchasing and distribution process

Volunteer Positions:

Room Parent Program Coordinator
The Room Parent Coordinator(s) lead our team of room parents. Responsibilities include recruiting parents for each class, training parents on the room parent program & expectations, ensuring grade level room parent meetings are held at the start of the year with teachers to create a plan for the year, recruiting a treasurer and communications coordinator for each grade, and monitoring annual class fund budgets.

Social Media Coordinator
The Social Media Coordinator manages the CRS PTA's social communications, currently via Facebook and Twitter. Responsibilities include planning the social content calendar (in coordination with the overall communications calendar), creating content (as needed), posting content and managing any necessary responses to comments/etc.

The Technology/Website Adminstrator will work to identify where technology can be used to help the PTA and work on initiatives to improve our use of technology. Responsibilities include:
  • Identifying needs, setting priorities and recruiting volunteers to accomplish the necessary tasks
  • Assisting with keeping the PTA website up-to-date
  • Providing “help-desk” support for the Executive Board members needing assistance managing or maintaining their portion of the PTA website
  • Maintaining a registration system for PTA activities

Other Volunteer Positions:

The Parliamentarian is responsible for ensuring that the PTA functions in accordance with its bylaws. This person is responsible for understanding the bylaws and advising the Executive Committee on the Bylaws’ applicability to PTA actions, including what issues require votes, timelines required for nominations and elections, and other procedural requirements.

Long Range Planning (every 2 years)
The Long-Range Planning Committee is responsible for making strategic recommendations to the PTA for its long-term planning.  Recommendations are made based in large part on community surveys, which are designed to allow parental input on the focus and functioning of the PTA. Responsibilities include:

  • Working with teachers, administration and PTA leadership to design bi-annual survey of the community
  • Publicizing and administering survey to community
  • Organizing and analyzing data gathered from survey
  • Make note of areas that need further review by the PTA Executive Board