Room Parent Program

Room Parent Guide & Resources: All our Room Parent materials are available in the Room Parent shared drive.Please contact our PTA Room Parent Coordinator, for access. Thank you! 

Being a Room Parent is a very important part of our CRS community and provides volunteer support to our teachers and our students. Room Parents are also a part of a larger team of parents that work to support an entire grade level and the PTA.

Typically, Room Parents help coordinate class parties, special events, parent volunteers, and maintain open communication among our classroom communities. Individual preferences of teachers vary so it is important to coordinate with your teacher and see if she/he has any specific requests that are not outlined below. Your flexibility and creativity is needed to make this year’s Room Parent Program a success!

Room Parent Responsibilities:

(May include but are not limited to:)

  1. Support your child’s teacher with classroom responsibilities that they would like to delegate by pooling volunteers.
  2. Act as a liaison between the teacher, other grade level parents and the PTA.
  3. Act as an activities coordinator for classroom and grade level celebrations by helping with scheduling, material needs and soliciting volunteer support.
  4. Assist your teacher with planning and implementing projects, special events and field trips.
  5. Find one Treasurer Liaison per grade to manage PTA and other reimbursements requests.
  6. Help coordinate parent volunteers for PTA and other school-wide events such as Staff Appreciation, Backyard BBQ, etc.

Please Note: Each classroom may have more than one Room Parent. There might be Co-Room Parents where one parent opts to take on Communications Liaison (please limit it to one point of contact per teacher), and another parent taking responsibilities such as Treasurer Liaison, VIP Stuffer, Artist Workshop Coordinator, etc.  Please involve as many parents as you can in all class activities throughout the year.  Sharing responsibility builds our school community, encourages a strong home-school partnership for our children and will make each experience easier and more fun!

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