Family Fitness and Wellness


Our Wellness Committee promotes a well-rounded wellness program for staff, students, and families. For example, we've added green plants to CRS (enhancing indoor spaces with plants has been shown to increase concentration and reduce fatigue, colds, headaches, and sickness rates), held Family Fitness Days, and provided helpful information for healthy decisions in the Churchill Chatter, such as how outdoor play develops a more robust immune system, improves mood, boosts vitamin D levels, promotes problem-solving, and instills an appreciation for the earth.


Interested in helping or have questions? Contact our Wellness Committee.


Our Wellness Committee organizes Family Fitness on select days. Join us from 8:00 a.m. to 8:20 a.m. to enjoy a little fun and exercise (or connect with other parents) before school!


Family Fitness Days are held outside at the playground and the track. We hope you and your family will join us for some fitness fun!

Upcoming Family Fitness Days

Check back for dates!

Fitness and wellness resources


Physical Fitness

Emotional and Mental Wellness

Wellness Tips

Did you know there are easy ways to boost your immune system? For example: sufficient sleep, eating a nutritious diet, drinking fluids, regular exercise, playing outdoors, and a twenty-second burst of cold water at the end of a shower.


Socializing improves brain health! Friendships benefit our health by engaging us with opportunities to share new experiences, develop different roles, and enjoy life. New friends can be discovered in the classroom, at the playground, through sports teams, musical pursuits, community groups, or by connecting with others with similar interests.


And don't forget about the health benefits of gratitude. Thankfulness improves sleep, reduces anxiety, increases long-term satisfaction, and creates kinder behavior toward others.