Account Setup Help

Create an Account

Click Login. If you already have a Membership Toolkit account from another organization, you can use the same login here. If you do not, you will need to click the Create Account button under the New User heading.


On this page, fill out the form with your information. When done, click Verify Email. The link expires in two hours, so check your email as soon as possible. Then, from your email inbox, click the link to verify that the email is active.

Login to Your Account

Click Login and enter your login credentials under the "Returning User?" heading. Once logged in, you should be on the forms page, "Welcome to Your CRS PTA Account." 

Complete Your Family Information Form

The first form you need to fill out is the Family Information form. Make sure to choose "Parent" or "Guardian" for the "How are you connected to the school question?" Please fill out the first parent information completely. The CRS PTA will only use this information to fulfill orders or contact you with information about the CRS PTA. You can opt-out of these communications later if you wish.


You can also fill out information for another parent. Note that this box asks if you would like this second parent to help manage the student information. If a separate email address is included for the second parent, the second parent will be able to log in, verify their email address, and connect to the account you created. (No additional purchases of membership are necessary.) This allows either parent to easily make purchases on behalf of their children/family. In addition, if the second parent already has a Membership Toolkit account with another organization (using the same email address), they will not need to verify the email address again. 


After completing the parent information, you will enter information for each child you have enrolled at CRS. It is essential that you enter the data for all of your children. If you do not enter the info fully or correctly, you will not see certain forms assigned to students. For example, you might not see After School registration, camps, yearbooks, or class fund forms. Emergency contact information is requested so that we will not need to ask for it again for other registration forms (for example, after-school classes). You may change or update the information at any time.


If you have more than one child at CRS, please click the I have a__ student button to add a box for another child. Once all children have been added, please click the Save button.

COMPLETE YOUR Directory & Publish Preferences Form

You can choose whether or not you would like your family included in the CRS Directory by completing the Directory & Publish Preferences Form. The directory is private and only accessible by our community. If you wish to be included in the directory, you can also decide what information you want in the directory (such as an address, phone number, email, etc.). You may change or update the preferences at any time.

Complete Other Forms

At the start of the school year through the end of September, a packet of forms called "Beginning of the Year Order Forms" will be available for completion. This packet includes PTA membership, Bobcat Fund Donation, Class Funds, and Yearbook forms for each child. Each of these forms is optional to complete. Follow the directions on your screen for each form.


After September, if you did not complete all (or any) of the forms, these forms will be available individually for completion.


Additional forms, such as club registration, event registration, etc., will be available at different points during the year.

View Your Orders

At any time, you can readily access your completed orders by clicking Previous Orders under the My Account menu.

Change Your Subscriptions

You can opt-in or out of email and calendar subscriptions by clicking on Subscriptions under the My Account menu.