Financial Forms and Policies

Find all the forms and details you need for CRS PTA deposits and reimbursements below, along with our FAQs. Note: Please download the forms before completing them; do not use them in your browser. The functionality in the forms (such as drop-down menus) only fully works when you download the file and open it in a PDF reader program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader (both are free for use). 


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Ensure that any checks you collect are made payable to "Churchill Road PTA" or "CRS PTA" and signed by the payer. Please ensure that the event cash verification form is completed and included with the deposit form for all events and fundraising activities. You should submit all checks and cash to the CRS PTA ASAP, and the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer should submit deposits to the bank within 24 business hours.

Deposit Form

Please review the instructions at the top of the form and complete the form entirely. You can place small deposits in a sealed and signed envelope in the Treasurer's mailbox, and the deposit notification should be sent via email to the Treasurer ASAP.  

Deposit Form

Event Cash Verification Form

You must complete this form for all events where cash is collected. Please follow the instructions on the form. In addition, please contact the Treasurer in advance to coordinate the verification process and turn over the funds.  

Event Form

DISBURSEMENT & Reimbursement

You must submit all expenses either within 30 days of expenditure or by the last day of school (whichever is sooner). Our fiscal year ends June 30, and the Treasurer must process all reimbursement requests for the current school year by then. Requests submitted after the close of the fiscal year will not be reimbursed.

Reimbursement Form

Please follow the instructions at the top of the form and make sure to complete the form entirely. You must include receipts for all line items. No reimbursements can be processed without receipts.

Reimbursement Form

  • Committees: Please submit your completed form to the CRS PTA Board VP overseeing your committee. Note: In addition to direct reimbursement, use this form to request payment directly to vendors.

  • Class Funds: Please submit your completed form to your grade's Treasurer. If you do not know your grade's Treasurer, please contact the Room Parent Coordinator for assistance. 

  • CRS Staff: Please submit your completed form to the CRS Finance Assistant.


Authorization to Purchase Using the PTA Credit Card

Please follow the instructions at the top of the form and make sure to complete the form entirely. You must include receipts for all line items. No reimbursements can be processed without receipts.


Credit Card Purchase Form


Disbursement (Petty Cash) Form for Events

Please complete this form to request cash for event cash boxes. This form must be submitted to the Treasurer at least one week before the event.

Petty Cash Event Form

Financial Policies FAQS

How much can I spend?

Know the amount of your event/program's budget and stay within that limit. We are spending on behalf of our membership. Therefore, our members must vote on and approve our budget in advance of expenditures. Contact your CRS PTA Vice President, Treasurer, or President for questions about your budget.

  1. If your committee needs to increase its budget, submit your request to your CRS PTA Vice President.

  2. If your program generates revenue, the expense constraint will be determined by the revenue and resulting profit you expect to earn on your event. Please work with your respective VP to create and submit your Plan of Work for approval.

For class fund expenditures, please work with your grade's treasurer liaison to confirm your allocated budget, which must come from the available class funds for your grade.

How do I get reimbursed?

Keep all receipts & invoices! We can't reimburse without an itemized receipt or invoice. Work with your respective officer, committee chair, or class fund treasurer to submit your reimbursement request. Keep a copy of all documents! You must submit all reimbursement requests no later than 30 days after purchase or the last day of school, whichever is sooner. Reimbursement requests not submitted per the deadlines will not be reimbursed.


Tip: If you plan to make purchases for your personal use at the same store, please set those items apart and pay for them in a separate transaction. Save your original, itemized receipt. Credit card receipts that only show the total amount charged, without detailing items purchased or taxes paid, cannot be accepted. Unused items should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund before submitting for reimbursement.

How long does it take to get reimbursed?

Please submit your receipts ASAP! The sooner you submit, the sooner the CRS PTA can reimburse you — typically, you will receive reimbursement via postal mail in about two weeks. 

Can a vendor be paid directly by the CRS PTA?

Yes. If you have an invoice from the vendor, please complete the disbursement/reimbursement form and submit the itemized invoice. The check will be sent directly to the vendor by the CRS PTA. If payment by check is not possible, please contact the Treasurer and PTA officer overseeing your area for assistance.