Class Funds

Support your student's grade and contribute to grade-level Class Funds! 

Donate to Class Funds


Important Tips for all Class Funds Donations: You must be logged in to your website account to access the order forms. Scroll down to find the Beginning of the Year Order Forms (through 9/30) or the Class Funds Donations Form (after 9/30) on the My Account page. If you have already contributed to Class Funds for this school year, you won't see the form (you can verify your donation by checking My Account>Previous Orders).

What are Class Funds?

Each Class Fund supports the events and activities for each grade, such as class celebrations (think Halloween, Winter, Valentine's Day, etc.), projects, and grade events (such as Reading Rodeo, Ancient Civilizations Day, and Virginia History Day). These events and activities help enrich our students' experience at Churchill Road. Our Room Parents are working hard to support our children's classes!

How Much Should I Contribute?

Our suggested donation is $30 per student, but any amount is welcome and appreciated. The donation is expected to cover most costs for class celebrations, grade events, and other activities.

How Do I Contribute?

You can contribute online on our website with credit or debit cards. If you already have an account, log in, go to your forms, and complete the Class Funds form (1 per student). If you don't have an account yet, it's easy to create an account on our website. You do not have to be a PTA member to create an account or contribute to Class Funds online — although we would love to have you join us. Make sure to fully complete the Family Information Form to ensure that the right Class Funds options are provided for you (based on the student grade information you enter).


Question: I'm not sure if I already contributed to my child's Class Funds — how do I check this?

There are two ways to verify your contribution. First, log in to your account. Then, under the My Account menu, you can go to either My Forms/Paperwork or Previous Orders. If you click on My Forms/Paperwork and see a Class Funds form under the Forms section, you have not yet submitted a Class Funds contribution online for this school year. If you click on Previous Orders, you can check the items included in any orders to validate your Class Funds donation.


Question: Who spends the money in the Class Funds?

The Room Parents for your student's grade plan the budget and spend the money. The Room Parents meet with the teachers in September to discuss the activities and support needed for each school year. One Room Parent for each grade serves as the grade-level treasurer and works with the CRS PTA Treasurer to manage the funds. All funds are held in the CRS PTA bank account.


Question: Do I have to join the PTA to contribute to Class Funds?

No, you do not need to be a member of the PTA. However, you must create an account on our website (does not require membership) to contribute online (via credit or debit card) to Class Funds.


Question: What happens if money is left over at the end of the year?

Any remaining funds follow the students — so, for example, any funds left at the end of third grade will move with the students to fourth grade. Ultimately any remaining funds in sixth grade will support 6th Grade graduation & recognition.