Churchill Road Yearbook

Yearbooks can be pre-ordered at the beginning of the school year and then are available for purchase after delivery (until stock runs out) in late spring. We usually run out of yearbooks, so pre-order one for each student to guarantee delivery! Yearbooks are delivered to student homerooms in June — students get signatures from classmates during the end-of-year celebrations.

How to Order

Go to My Account > My Forms/Paperwork, then scroll down to find the yearbook order form (while orders are open). There will be one order form per student in your family.

Order Verification 

Not sure if you ordered a yearbook or need a copy of your yearbook order? Go to My Account > Previous Orders to find a copy of your order receipt.

Get in Touch

Questions or interested in helping with the Yearbook? Contact our Yearbook Committee.

SCHOOL PICTURES — picture days 2023-2024

Fall Individual Picture Day: September 8, 2023 

Makeup Picture Day: October 24, 2023

Teams and Clubs Photos: February 21, 2024

Spring Individual and Class Picture Day: March 13, 2024

6th Grade Panoramic Picture: April 12, 2024

How to Order Photos 

Order pictures at Enter your student's FCPS number to access the galleries. Images should appear ten days after Picture Day. For questions, contact

Student Pictures in the Yearbook

For students who participated in Fall Picture Day, that photo will be used in the yearbook (if a makeup picture was taken, that would be used instead). We will use student pictures from Spring Picture Day for those who do not have a fall photo.

Cover Contest

Sixth graders design the front and back covers as well as the signature page of our CRS Yearbook. Information about the 6th-grade cover contest is provided to students in their art class.

Share Your Photos

We love candid school activity photos! So if you have pictures from a class party, field trip, the playground, CRS event, etc...please share them with us!

How to Share Photos

You can share your photos via our Dropbox again this year — which is quick & easy! Just click on your pic and drag it to Dropbox. Two clicks & that's it! 


Tips: Pictures should be in their original format or larger size option for better resolution quality. In the past, we've had great pictures submitted that we could not use because they were reduced in size or compressed before being uploaded or emailed. As a result, those pictures will not have proper resolution and cannot be used.

Dropbox Direct Links

Just click on your grade's link, and the grade's Dropbox automatically opens. Next, click on the pictures you want to upload and drag them into Dropbox. Have photos from other CRS events? Use the "General" link below.

Questions? Contact our Yearbook Committee.