CRS PTA Meeting Info

CRS PTA Meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month during the school year, either at 9:00 a.m. or 7 p.m. Meetings may be held virtually or in person. In-person meetings are in the Cafeteria or Library (unless otherwise specified) at Churchill Road Elementary School, where they may follow the Principal's Coffee (or Pizza) hosted by the CRS Principal.


Virtual Attendance Instructions for VIRTUAL ONLY meetings: Join us on Google Meet! We will post the login details before each meeting.  

2022-2023 PTA Meeting Dates & Minutes

General Membership Meetings

Meetings will be on Wednesdays (usually the second Wednesday of the month). 

  • September TBA

  • October TBA 

  • November TBA

  • January TBA

  • February TBA

  • March TBA

  • April TBA

  • May TBA

  • June TBA

 Meeting Minutes