Staff Appreciation

Thank you for helping us to appreciate CRS staff!The CRS Staff Appreciation Committee organizes various activities throughout the school year to celebrate the Churchill Road staff and their dedicated service to our community. 


Are you interested in joining our committee? The more, the merrier! Being part of the Staff Appreciation Committee is a great way to get to know the school staff.


Contact Staff Appreciation to learn more.

Have you thanked a teacher today?

Send an email for a quick digital thank you. Words of appreciation can make a huge difference for teachers — don't wait for Teacher Appreciation week to share some thanks. 

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Back to School Luncheon

The committee will host a back-to-school appreciation luncheon to welcome staff to the new year.

Grade Hosted Luncheons

Each grade takes a turn hosting a tasty lunch for all CRS staff throughout the year. 

Grade Lunch Info

Bus Drivers And Crossing guard Appreciation

We thank our bus drivers and crossing guard during Bus Safety Week with a tasty treat in October. We also recognize our crossing guard on National Crossing Guard Appreciation Day (February).


In June, as we approach the end of the school year, we recognize our bus drivers and crossing guard for ensuring that our students go and return safely from school - rain or shine! Students are encouraged to create cards or artwork to give to their driver/guard that day.

Secret Snowman

We mentioned it's a secret, right? Think of it as a holiday surprise for CRS staff.

Secret Snowman

Custodian Appreciation Week

In February, we recognize our hard-working custodial staff who keep the school sparkling!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Our committee organizes different ways to thank and appreciate the CRS teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Questions? Contact our Staff Appreciation Committee.