Family Assistance

The CRS PTA supports two programs to assist families needing help and support.

Churchill Cares

This program offers support to families and staff members of our CRS community who find themselves in need during difficult situations. It may be when they are dealing with an injury, sickness, death of a family member, or sudden loss of employment.


Our parent volunteers may provide support with the delivery of home-cooked meals or other assistance deemed appropriate, depending upon the situation. Whenever possible, services are provided anonymously to enable recipient families to maintain their privacy and accept help in times of need without feeling burdened to thank the donors.

What do I do if I know someone needs help?

If you become aware of a potential need, please get in touch with either one of the CRS counselors or our VP of Community Relations.

Financial Assistance

This fund supports school-related expenses for families needing financial aid, such as school supplies and field trips. Parents in need of support should contact one of the CRS guidance counselors.