Long-Range Planning

Every two years, the CRS PTA engages in long-range planning to identify our focus areas for the upcoming two years based on our members' feedback. The planning exercise is led by our Long-Range Planning (LRP) Committee, chaired by current CRS PTA members.


The Committee will survey CRS PTA members and develop recommendations based on the survey results. Then, the LRP Committee Chairs will present these recommendations to the CRS PTA Executive Board and members.


The CRS PTA will complete long-range planning during the 2023-2024 school year.


For questions about long-range planning, please contact the Committee Chair or our President.

Long-Range Planning Survey

The survey will next be conducted in the winter/spring of 2024.

Long-Range Planning Presentations

2021-2022 Presentation (Google Slides)


2019-2020 Executive Summary (Google Slides)


2017-2018 Executive Summary (Google Slides)