Churchill Garden

Churchill Road Garden

Looking for something fun and different to do with your family? Get some great bonding time outside away from screens, build on your children's science education, and give back to the community by volunteering to help in our Churchill Garden. All produce grown in our garden is harvested and donated to the SHARE of McLean food bank.


Questions? Please get in touch with Christie Buschmann at

Join the Garden Team

We'll have volunteer slots for families to help out during the spring, fall, and summer seasons. It's really easy — no gardening experience is required, just a "watering" can-do attitude! 


In the spring, volunteers help weed and plant the gardens. Then, CRS families volunteer for 1 week each to keep the gardens watered and growing through summer and fall. Water hoses are right by the garden beds, and our Local Gardener will walk you through what to do when your week begins. If you're there when something ripens, your children can help pick the produce for the food bank.

Volunteer for Fall

See the Seasons in our Garden

In the spring, you'll see big changes in our garden beds. To get rid of weeds in an environmentally friendly way, we cover them in leaf mulch from the prior fall. By blocking sunlight, the nutrient-rich leaf mulch begins to turn the weeds into valuable compost. Meanwhile, our plants begin growing in seed-starting pots before planting.


During the summer, our garden beds transform from mostly dirt, with little hints of brown and green, to overflowing with leafy green plants! We start harvesting vegetables and herbs like basil, dill, zucchini, kale, and peppers. Late in the summer, we pull plants that are done producing and begin composting them, making rich food for next year's plants. Plus, we make room for fall-season plants.


In the fall, we continue harvesting with vegetables like collards and turnips. At the end of the season, we compost the plants and prepare the beds. 

Pictures of the CRS Garden with seed pots, garden beds, harvested vegetables, and composting