Special Education

Churchill Road's Special Education Program serves students with diverse needs. CRS works with students and their families to identify individual student needs. Then, depending on each student's needs, supports and accommodations are implemented so students can learn in the least restrictive environment. These individualized plans are often referred to as 504 accommodation plans or Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).  


Many resources are available to help, educate, support, and advise parents who have children with special education needs — see our list below.


Questions, thoughts, or want to get involved? Contact our Special Education Liaison.

Fairfax County SEPTA

Fairfax County Special Education PTA (SEPTA) 

The Fairfax County SEPTA's goal is to unite, educate, and strengthen the network of resources, information, education, and social opportunities for the special needs community. SEPTA actively advocates on behalf of students with disabilities, their families, and their educators.


In addition to advocacy and programs, SEPTA provides information on local events, support groups, and other resources to help parents. You do not need to be a SEPTA member to access these resources.


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Helpful Resources

  • Acronyms (list of widely-used special education and disability-related acronyms)

  • Organizations (local and national organizations related to special needs and disabilities)

  • Support Groups (local community support groups for youth & parents)

  • Twice-Exceptional Resources (resources related to 2E students including Facebook Group and guidance documents)



The school district provides information on special education procedures (including evaluations, IEPs, and more), forms, and special education instruction on the FCPS website. You can also subscribe to the newsletter focused on special education — in the list of FCPS newsletter options, select Special Education Update Newsletter and/or Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (ACSD).


You can also find more resources at the Parent Resource Center. Each year, FCPS holds an annual special education conference in the spring. Other resources:

Virginia Department of Education

Information and resources are on the VDOE's website on various topics. Virginia Special Education ConnectionFor example, information for parents includes a webinar series on critical decision points for families, a special education guide for parents (PDF), and a guide to dispute resolution.


In collaboration with the Helen A. Kellar Center for Human disAbilities, VDOE offers the Virginia Family Special Education Connection. This website helps connect families to information and resources.

National PTA

The National PTA provides links to resources in their Special Education Toolkit, including various national and local organizations.