Math Enrichment Clubs

The CRS PTA is pleased to offer two Math Clubs for our Churchill Road Students: Math Kangaroo (Grades 1-6) and Mathcounts (Grade 6).  We are able to offer these clubs thanks to our amazing CRS Parent Volunteers!


Math Kangaroo INFO SESSIONS THIS WEEK!!!  Registration closes Dec. 13 2022



Monday, November 13 at 7 pm




Math Kangaroo is an annual international math competition for students in grades 1-12. It gives each student, an equal opportunity to participate regardless of the student's math abilities. Students at all levels can have fun learning math while challenging themselves. Study for Math Kangaroo can help students develop logical thinking and gain confidence in the classroom.  The information about this competition can be found at:


Math Kangaroo Logistics


Math Kangaroo Competition is an international, once a year event, always on the third Thursday in March.


The Math Kangaroo competition held its first online format in 2020, as a response to address the COVID-19 situation. The online format of the exam will begin on this designated Thursday, and may continue over the course of days to accommodate the numbers of students that participate.


All students grades 1-12 qualify for participation in Math Kangaroo if they are able to work independently, read, and answer a multiple choice test.


Each student receives a T-shirt, an electronic certificate of participation, and a gift.


Pictures are taken and placed on our webpage or social media; you may request to opt-out during the registration process.


The competition questions are appropriate for the students’ age, and are both interesting and challenging.


Questions are chosen by the International Math Kangaroo Committee, AKSF (


In May students who rank top 20 in the country and top 3 in a given state are recognized on Math Kangaroo website and receive gifts.


General Rules


Levels correspond with school grades:


1st Grade — Level 1


2nd Grade — Level 2


3rd Grade — Level 3, etc.



75 Minutes multiple choice test


24 Questions for students in grades 1, 2, 3 and 4


30 Questions for students in grades 5 and up


Here is an example of Math Kangaroo Answer Card


No aids other than writing utensils and paper will be allowed. In particular, no calculators will be allowed on any part of the competition, and any cell phones must be turned off




Registration closes December 31, 2023 (The regular registration fee is $21 between Sep 15 and Dec 15. A late registration fee is $35 between Dec 16 and Dec 31.)


First, the PTA Website:

1. Sign up your student for Math Kangaroo on the PTA Website under "MY ACCOUNT" and then "My Forms/Paperwork" and you should find forms with your children's names who are eligible to register for CRS Math Kangaroo.  Please complete the information forms and make sure you "submit". 


2. You will then receive an email from the CRS Math Kangaroo Manger, Han Chen, with the unique Churchill Road invitation code to be used in your Math Kangaroo registration.


Then, the Math Kangaroo Website

3. Log in with your login and password or establish your user account if you are new.

4. Click on "Registration" on MK


6. Log in with your login and password or establish your user account if you are new.

7. Click on “2024 Enrollment opens on Sep 15”.

8.In the list of US states, select Virginia, find Churchill Road Elementary School, then click on the green button showing the price of $21. The regular registration fee is $21 between Sep 15 and Dec 15. A late registration fee is $35 between Dec 16 and Dec 31.

9. Click on the tab Enroll By Invitation Code

10. Copy and paste the code provided by PTA in the field Invitation Code. 

11. Do not share the code with anyone.

12.After typing in the invitation code and clicking on the “Enroll” button, you will be brought to the page and a message “You are successfully enrolled in this course” pops up for a short time.  Your registration is NOT done. Please click on the “Register” button to continue!

13. After you click on “Register”,  you will be brought to a page to provide Math Kangaroo your child(s) information. For an existing account, select your child’s name from the Past Student list. After the information automatically fills the form, you need to check and make necessary updates such as school grade level etc., then click “Add”. For a new account, please type in your participating child’s information, then click “Add”. If you have multiple participating children, please fill the “Add New Student” form one by one.

14. Click “Proceed to checkout” and make the payment.


 Do not share the code with anyone  

 Screenshot tutorial here: Registration for Private Center.


Please contact CRS Math Kangaroo Manager, Han Chen at for more information; or Alex Jones




MathCountsOur Math Club follows the MATHCOUNTS Program, which heightens students’ interests in mathematics by making mathematical achievement challenging and exciting. 


The club will focus on problem-solving strategies and higher-level math concepts. Weekly, the mathletes will solve problems individually and in cooperative groups. High performers in the club may be selected to represent Churchill Road in the Fairfax County MATHCOUNTS competition. This competition usually takes place on a Saturday in February. In addition, all club members are eligible to participate in the AMC8 in December, which will be administered during one of our math club meetings.

Who Should Participate

For CRS students, MATHCOUNTS is open to 6th graders only (6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students compete in the competition). Students interested in MATHCOUNTS should be high performers in math who wish to be challenged by solving middle school math problems. Students currently enrolled in Algebra or 6th Grade Advanced Math are encouraged to consider participating. MATHCOUNTS is not recommended for students who need help understanding grade-level math skills.

Registration AND MEETINGS

1. Club meeting time is every Monday from 5-5:45 virtual except for couple of in-person tests, running from Oct 17th until Feb (TBD);
2. Tuition is $175, covering Mathcount Competition Fee, teacher chaperone, T-shirts/price etc;


 Please contact Yaming Wang at to receive more information on this club.

Required Supplies

Students should supply their own scientific calculators.

Helpful Links (has a variety of resources)

Past Tests

Problem of the Week

MATHCOUNTS Minis (videos)