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Churchill Road - General School Information

  1. What happens at Open House? Parents and students have the opportunity to visit their classroom (usually one week before school starts - date and time will be announced by CRS) and meet their teacher, plus their new classmates. You'll also be able to drop off school supplies. Teachers may also have volunteer sign up lists available.
  2. What is Back to School Night or BTSN? At CRS, the school hosts two Back to School nights at the start of each school year - typically one night includes grades 2, 4, & 6 and the other night includes K, 1, 3, & 5. As the dates approach, the school will publish the details on its website. You'll be able to meet your child's teachers, the principal and other staff members - and of course your fellow parents. This event is for adults only and childcare is not provided. Teachers will present an overview of grade level curriculum and answer questions. You'll also have an opportunity to learn more about the PTA. More information about BTSN is provided in August.
  3. Is there a parent/student directory? Our secure and private online CRS directory allows you to access the school directory from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You'll be able to call, text, email and get driving directions directly from the AtoZ School app (iOS and Android; search "AtoZConnect"). Parents are asked to validate information at the start of the school year (or upon enrollment if join later in the year), and our printed version of the directory is distributed to those who requested a print copy (during data validation at the start of the school year) in late October or early November each year. Learn more.
  4. What school supplies do I need? CRS publishes a school supply list on its site each year, developed by the teachers for each grade. Each spring/summer, the CRS PTA offers a 'school supply kit' for the upcoming school year that includes all the supplies your student needs - the kits will be delivered to the classroom & be waiting for your child on the first day of school! Learn more.
  5. What is a SOL? The Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) are state-mandated standardized tests taken every year in May/June starting in third grade. CRS will publish the testing schedule each year.
  6. What is AAP (Advanced Academics Program)? CRS has a full-time Advanced Academics Center for grades 3-6. For more information about AAP, see the details on the FCPS website.
  7. How do I get Churchill Road spirit wear? The CRS PTA typically sells spirit wear during school and PTA events throughout the year (Back to School Night, Book Fair, etc.). Learn more.
  8. What is Picture Day? How does it work? At CRS we have picture day in the fall and in the spring - class photos are taken during the Spring Picture Day. Order forms will be sent home in advance via the VIPs. If you lose the order form (or don't receive one), extras are always available in the front office. You can place your order in advance (online or send in your form to your student's teacher) or you will have an 'oops' chance to purchase after the pictures are available. Tip: School pictures come out best when kids wear bright colors without 'busy' patterns.
  9. How do I purchase a Churchill Road yearbook? You can pre-order a yearbook in the fall when joining or renewing your CRS PTA membership. Yearbooks will be available for general sale in the spring (usually early April) and delivered to students. Student pictures are taken in the fall, and again in the spring (along with class photos). Learn more.
  10. How do I access Blackboard? What is FCPS 24-7 Learning? Blackboard is also known as FCPS 24-7 Learning. Information found here will vary depending upon the grade (more usage at the upper grade levels. You can find information such as class assignments, useful learning links, and more. Learn about FCPS 24-7 Learning (Blackboard) here. To log-in (with either Parent or Student account), go here.
  11. My child's teacher has told me to access test scores in "Horizon"? Where do I find this? To access results in Horizon, you must log-in to your child's Blackboard (FCPS 24-7 Learning) account, then click on "eCART" in the top navigation (look in the blue bar at the top of the page). On the next page, click on "Horizon".

School Procedures

  1. I heard I need a badge. Where do I check in? All parents are required to sign-in via the computer system in the front office (enter from the lobby). The first time a picture will be taken - after that, you'll just need to scan your driver's license when checking in.
  2. What do I do if my child will be absent from school? You can notify the school via the online form, email or phone. Find all the details.
  3. What is Kiss 'N Ride? A dedicated area at the side of the school for students being dropped off and picked up during arrival and dismissal. When dropping off or picking up your child, you should turn right into the Kiss 'N Ride area from Churchill Road (approaching from the Caper Street intersection). Go right in the parking lot (going around the center parking area counter clockwise), and then drop off or pick up your child. When leaving the parking lot, turn right onto Churchill Road.
  4. What are Go Home Notes? The Go Home Note system is available for CRS PTA members and allows parents to easily schedule online an after school play date, change to dismissal location, early dismissal, etc. Learn more - you must log-in as a PTA member to access.
  5. How do I pay for field trips and other school costs? You can now pay online - set up your account on MySchoolBucks.
  6. Where can I find the email for my student's teacher? Consult the school directory here or you can use our AtoZ directory (print, online or app).
  7. My son/daughter lost his/her jacket/bag/etc. Where do I find lost and found? Our large collection of lost and found items can be found near the gym (from the main hall go through the doors to the gym or from the Kiss 'N Ride entrance you can go up the ramp). During certain times of the year, lost & found may be overflowing and additional items will be in the front lobby. Periodically, all items will be cleared out and donated - CRS will send out notification in advance to remind everyone to search lost and found for any missing belongings before the deadline. If the item was left on your child's bus, the driver will show the item to students the next day on the bus to try to locate the owner - however since the buses support multiple routes items are not kept for more than a week.


  1. How do I learn about what is happening at school?
    1. From Churchill Road:
      1. Email: CRS publishes the 'Churchill Chatter' newsletter each Wednesday (as well as email alerts [known as KIT or Keep-In-Touch messages]). If you are not receiving CRS email communications, go to the FCPS News You Choose web page to sign up.
      2. Social: CRS also shares classroom and school news via Facebook and Twitter.
      3. Flyers: Paper flyers are distributed via the VIP folders.
      4. Website: Be sure to check the website for additional information.
      5. FCPS: Find information about all the ways that FCPS communicates here.
    2. From the CRS PTA:
      1. Email: During the school year, the CRS PTA publishes a weekly newsletter known as "Week @ A Glance". To receive this newsletter, you must create an account on our website (but you do not have to become a PTA member during account creation).
      2. Social: The CRS PTA also shares news via Facebook and Twitter.
      3. Flyers: Periodically the PTA will send home flyers for important events via the weekly VIP folders. This information will also be available on our website.
      4. Website: This site is regularly updated with the latest information.
      5. Room Parents: Our Room Parents periodically email parents of a class or grade to share important information about class/grade events, volunteer opportunities, and more. Make sure your information is up-to-date in the CRS Directory to receive these emails.
  2. What is a "VIP Folder"? Each Wednesday, the VIP (very important papers) yellow envelope is sent home with your student - a personal 'mail pouch'. The VIP contains important information from the school, teachers, PTA, and community to communicate important dates, events and other information. Evaluated schoolwork may also be included. These folders are prepared each week by an adult volunteer for each classroom. Please make sure to check your child's backpack every Wednesday. The folder should be signed and returned to school the next day (including any returning forms, etc.).
    1. What does "Oldest and Only" mean? When the school or PTA sends home information in a VIP folder it sometimes goes to every child, but when possible we use an oldest and only distribution list to avoid having parents receive duplicates. This means the oldest child in the family at CRS or an only child will receive the flyer.

Student Programs and Events

  1. What after-school activities (ASA) are there at CRS? Each year a variety of after-school clubs and classes are offered across 3 sessions - Fall (October-December), Winter (January-March), and Spring (April-May). The ASA program is managed by the CRS PTA - learn more.
    1. I missed the registration window. Can I register my child late? There is typically a very short late registration window (additional fee applies) after each registration period. Please consult the ASA page for details. If your family just enrolled at CRS, please connect with the ASA program coordinator if you have questions or need help.
    2. I want to submit my ASA costs for reimbursement from a dependent care flexible spending account. How do I find my invoice/receipt? Log-in to your account on the Enrichment Matters portal. Click on "Reports" in the upper right navigation. Select the year. Click "View Report". Download in PDF or Excel format (drop-down selection). Alternatively this invoice can be used for calculating eligible dependent care expenses for child care credit on you Federal income tax return.
    3. For more FAQs about ASA, please consult the ASA page.
  2. Are there summer camps at CRS? Churchill Road teachers lead several summer camps each year (offerings may vary year to year). The school typically publishes information on the camps in late January / early February for the upcoming summer. You can also find information on our ASA page.
  3. Are extended hours available for my student (before and after school care)? School Age Child Care (SACC) provides a program before and after school. Learn more here
  4. What do Room Parents do? What are Class Funds for? Room Parents provide volunteer support to our teachers and students, and are part of a larger team that works to support an entire grade. Each grade has a "class fund" from parent contributions that help support class parties, special events, and more - the recommended contribution per student is $25. This contribution can be made when joining the PTA or as a separate contribution (send in to a designated Room Parent or your child's teacher - checks should be made out to the CRS PTA). Learn more.
  5. What is Artist Workshop? This is a program run by the CRS PTA and taught by CRS parents in each grade. Artist Workshop presents curriculum topics through the perspective of fine art examples. It's a great opportunity to get involved with your child's class - no artistic ability or art history needed to volunteer, just enthusiasm for working with students. Learn more.
  6. What are Assemblies? CRS holds a variety of assemblies during the year (these are open to students only). The CRS PTA sponsors 4 integrated arts assemblies each year. Learn more.
  7. What is this Book Fair Wish List that my child brought home? Do I have to buy all these books? Can I send money in with my kindergartner? Each class has an opportunity to wander through our Book Fair in November and make a list of books (and prices) to bring home. The Book Fair is a fundraiser where the PTA raises money to support our library and reading specialists. You decide how many (if any) of the books to buy. You can join your student during their class shopping time, send in cash or a check to the CRS PTA (no taxes added), come to our evening shopping event, or stop by any time during our Book Fair hours. Credit cards are accepted onsite.
  8. What is the Thanksgiving lunch? Do all parents go? Each year CRS invites parents to join their student(s) for a Thanksgiving lunch (held on a Friday in November) - many parents come but not all can make it - don't forget that other caregivers and family members can come instead. First grade has a special feast event that day.
  9. What is the 6th Grade Party? Each year the CRS PTA 6th grade party committee organizes a well-deserved party to send off our CRS graduates. Information about the party is available in the spring. Learn more.
  10. What other grade level events exist? Each grade has a variety of activities (including field trips, inquiry nights, inquiry museums, class parties, etc.), but there are several very special events that parents are active participants in!
    1. Kindergarten has two very special events - Muffins for Mom and Donuts for Dad.
    2. In first grade, students have a special Thanksgiving Feast and a year end event celebrating their reading and writing with Reading Rodeo. First grade also has a musical performance.
    3. Second grade does not have a particular large event, but also has a musical performance in late spring.
    4. Third graders participate in Ancient Civilizations in the spring.
    5. Fourth graders enjoy Colonial Day (costumes required for parent participants) in the fall.
  11. What are "Family Fitness Days"? On CRS Spirit Days, the CRS PTA Wellness Committee sponsors family fitness - come join us in the playground or gym (if inclement weather) for some fun and to connect with your fellow parents before school starts (8:00-8:20 a.m.). Learn more.
  12. What is Field Day? Each year in June, the PE teachers organize a Field Day event for the whole school (typically 4-6 participate in the morning and K-3 in the afternoon). Parents will be asked to volunteer to help run the various activities.
  13. What Community Service events are held? The CRS PTA organizes several programs that students can participate in during the school year. These events may vary year-to-year. The two annual traditions are noted below. Additionally, each year CRS participates in Rise Against Hunger with the other Langley pyramid schools (January/February).
    1. Martha's Table Sandwich-Making: Students participate after school in epic sandwich making (typically over 2,000 sandwiches in about 30 minutes) to help the area's needy through Martha's Table. Learn more.
    2. Holiday Gift Drive: Each year students at CRS donate toys, books and more during December for the Dogwood Gift Drive - helping students in need at our sister school. Learn more.
  14. What is the CRS music program for older students? Beginning in 3rd grade, all students learn to play the recorder. In the 4th grade, students may also elect to play a string instrument in the orchestra. In 5th and 6th grades, students have the option to choose from a band or orchestra instrument, or to join the chorus. Information from the music teachers will come home with your student.
  15. What events does the PTA hold each year? The CRS PTA holds a variety of events for parents and students each year. Check our calendar to see what's currently scheduled - it's updated throughout the year.
    1. Backyard Barbeque: In the spring, we host a fun & tasty BBQ for CRS families. Learn more.
    2. Bingo Night: Typically in winter or spring, we host a family friendly bingo night. Learn more.
    3. International Parade of Cuisines: Each year the PTA hosts this family friendly event, giving our students the opportunity to learn more about the diversity of our school and community. Enjoy an evening of food an more - admission is free. Learn more.
    4. PTA Programming: Parent education programs on various topics of interest for our school and parent community. Learn more.
    5. Other Events: Depending upon the year, the CRS PTA may have other events like a family movie night, restaurant nights, etc.
    6. Special Events: Each year the CRS PTA holds a different special event for the CRS community, typically in the spring.The event rotates between the Parents vs. Staff Basketball Game, Churchill Challenge 5K, and President's Choice.


  1. What types of volunteer opportunities are open to parents? There are many different types of opportunities.
    1. Class & Teacher Support: Room Parents, Library, Artist Workshop, VIP Stuffers, and Art Volunteers (the latter two are organized by teachers). Your child's teacher may have additional opportunities that he/she will organize.
    2. PTA Officers, Committees & Coordinators:  Find all the PTA roles here - there's always room for more help! Each spring, the PTA has a nominating committee that will look for and recruit volunteers to take on a role with the PTA. But you can raise your hand at any time!
    3. PTA Sponsored Events: Activities like the Book Fair, Bingo, community service events, etc. - these all require extra volunteers to make happen. Look for information on opportunities through the CRS PTA newsletter and website throughout the year.
  2. What is a SUG? A "SUG" or SignUpGenius online form is often used to organize volunteer and/or contribution sign-ups. It's an easy way to sign up to help.
  3. Help! I'm a volunteer and I don't know how to do....? Check our Volunteer Manual for tips, resources, and common FAQs.

Churchill Road PTA

  1. How do I get involved with the PTA?
    1. PTA Membership: Everyone - parents, educators, students and other citizens active in their schools and communities - is invited to join our not-for-profit parent association. Memberships are available throughout the year, but we encourage you to sign up early to maximize the benefits. The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child. In doing so, you also help your school. Learn more.
    2. PTA Meetings: The PTA hosts meetings each month during the school year for parents and staff in order to communicate information regarding events, programs, new initiatives, school updates and more. You can attend meetings in person or virtually - learn more.
    3. Volunteer: The CRS PTA has many opportunities for its members to become more involved with the school and our PTA. Learn more about our PTA committees and volunteer options. Parents can also participate in our Room Parent, Library, and Artist Workshop programs.
  2. How can I contact the PTA? Find contact information here.
  3. What does the PTA fund? The CRS PTA spends on average $100 per student on programs - academic & enrichment programs, technology upgrades, assemblies, field trips, student performances, grade level events, teacher support & staff development, staff appreciation, campus upgrades and more. Each year the general membership of the CRS PTA is responsible for reviewing and voting approval on the budget. The PTA is a LEAN non-profit, meaning almost every single penny of every dollar you contribute goes back to our school. Learn more.
    1. What support does the CRS PTA provide for teachers/staff?
      1. Funding: As part of our budget, the CRS PTA contributes funds towards teacher support, staff development, teacher incidentals, and staff appreciation events. Learn more.
      2. Staff Appreciation: During the school year, each grade's families takes a turn hosting a staff lunch. This appreciation includes our custodians, crossing guards and administrative staff. During December, the CRS PTA organizes the "Secret Snowman" program for a special appreciation before winter break. Learn more.
      3. Teacher Appreciation Week: In recognition of the hard work of our classroom teachers, instructional assistants, specialists and other staff members, the PTA organizes a week of activities in the spring (typically early May) to show them our gratitude. Detailed information will be published in advance, including how students and families can help contribute and celebrate. Learn more.
  4. How does the PTA raise funds? The CRS PTA has a variety of programs to raise funds to support CRS and our students, of which The Bobcat Fund is the primary source of funding. Additionally, there are several programs managed by the CRS PTA where funds go directly to the school.
    1. The Bobcat Fund: Our primary way of raising funds is through our direct-donation drive. Funds can be donated while joining or renewing your CRS PTA membership. Donations can be made to The Bobcat Fund at any time during the school year and in any amount - donations are tax-deductible.
    2. AmazonSmile: Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the CRS PTA. Learn more.
    3. Bingo Night: A family friendly bingo fundraiser held at CRS. Typically this event is held in winter or spring. Learn more.
    4. Book Fair: Each fall, the CRS PTA runs a Book Fair in the CRS library. Funds raised support reading programs, books for the library and other initiatives. Learn more.
    5. eScrip Online Mall: Sign up for FREE at the eScrip Online Mall - which includes hundreds of popular retailers - and support CRS. Shop with money saving offers from retailers that give back and earn donations automatically. Learn more.
    6. Minted: Periodically special offers are available from Minted that offer CRS families discount savings and a percentage of the purchase is donated to CRS. Learn more.
    7. School Supplies: The PTA uses an outside vendor (Sprout) to provide school supply kits for the following school year. Parents can order online in late spring & summer before the published deadline - but supplies can sell out, so don't wait until the last day! School supply kits are delivered to students' classrooms prior to the first day of school, making this a hassle free way for families to purchase school supplies. Learn more.
    8. Shutterfly & Tiny Prints: Whenever you order through our storefront, the CRS PTA receives 13% of sales - this is a year round program and open to family & friends. Learn more.
    9. Spirit Wear: The PTA creates and sells school spirit wear to promote school spirit and pride. Spirit wear sales are done through pop-up shops at events throughout the school year. Sales are via cash or check. Learn more.
    10. Direct to CRS Programs: The following programs are managed by the CRS PTA, with funds flowing directly to CRS.
      1. A+ School Rewards (Giant): Register your Giant store card to be connected to our school. Learn more.
      2. Box Tops for Education: Earn cash for our school by clipping and collecting Box Tops from eligible items. Learn more.
      3. Together in Education (Harris Teeter): Register your Harris Teeter card to be connected to our school. Learn more.
    11. Other Fundraising: The PE teachers organize a Jump Ropes for Hearts event each year.
  5. Is it possible to do corporate matching with my donation? What about volunteer hour matching? Yes! Contact your Human Resources or Benefits Department and ask about “Matching Funds” for “501(c)(3)” charitable organizations like the CRS PTA. This could double (or more!) your Bobcat Donation, plus your volunteer hours may earn a grant for CRS. Learn more about corporate matching and volunteer grants.

Website Questions:

1. Do I need to be (or become a PTA member) to set up an account? No, any member of the CRS community is welcome to create an account on our system, without becoming a PTA member. This enables you to receive our newsletter, sign up for clubs that are managed through the PTA (like Math Club), and make purchases - event tickets, yearbooks, and more.

2. I can't remember my log-in information - what do I do? Click on "member login", then on the next page click on "Forgot your password?" or "Forgot your username?". If you are still having difficulties with your account, please contact [email protected].

3. I can't log-in because my membership lapsed. What do I do? If you see the error message "Your membership is past due. Please renew through clicking on the "Join the PTA!" button. Note that only the primary member on the account can complete the renewal. If you are having problems renewing, please contact [email protected]

4. How can I access my invoices? Log-in to your account. Click on "My Profile" under the "Hello, my name is..." image. On the next page, look for the grey tab above the photo/name area and mouse over "My Profile" (don't click on it). When you mouse over "My Profile" a navigation menu will appear, click on "Invoices".