Sixth Grade Party: CRS Class of 2022

Check back for details in May 2022!


One of the most beloved traditions at Churchill Road School is the 6th-grade party. It’s a fun way to honor our CRS graduates at the end of the school year, and every 6th grader looks forward to this special celebration of the friendships and memories they have made over the years. 


Quick Access to Memory Book information: Click Here 

2022 party theme to be announced

Class of 2022 Celebration event

June 2 (rain date June 6) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


The Fun Stuff: The celebration will include rides, games, DJ, and lunch all in a COVID-safe outdoor party! More details to come!


Questions? Please contact the 6th Grade Celebration Chair at

Celebration Details

6th Grade Party Tickets

Registration & Cost

The CRS PTA funds a portion of the party, but it is not enough to cover all of the expenses. For this year’s class, we are still able to maintain the typical 6th-grade party ticket price of $50. Your student's ticket includes the party (with lunch), digital memory book, the class gift to CRS, and a goody bag. Tickets must be purchased by May TBA.


To order a ticket, you must be logged in to your account or create an account if you do not have one (you do not have to be a CRS PTA member to create an account).


Check back for ticket sales in May 2022.


Note: Should this cost cause financial hardship, please email our school counselor. This party is the highlight of the 6th graders╩╝ year and we want to make sure that all of the kids can attend.


Sixth Grade Memory Book

To celebrate all of our students’ elementary school years, we will create a 6th-grade Memory Book. We are asking each student to create a memory book page that will be bound together with all of the submissions. We will give the final electronic copy to everyone (note this is not a hard copy). Note - submissions are due on May TBA.



Students can use Powerpoint, Google Slides, or another application to create the 1-pager. You need to ensure the final product is a PDF in a vertical layout (5.75 x 8.75). Detailed instructions and design tips can be accessed below.

Memory Book Instructions


For questions about the Memory Book, please contact TBA. 


Sixth Grade Party Wear

Party Attire

Students should wear their 6th-Grade class t-shirts to the celebration. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are a good idea too!





  • Why is there a ticket fee for the party?

    Each year the 6th-grade party sells tickets to cover the cost of this unique, celebratory event that is unlike any other normal party the kids have experienced in their earlier elementary school years. The PTA's contribution and any remaining class funds are used to pay for the party, but those do not cover all of the costs. This year's ticket fee of $50 is the same as in past years. If this poses a financial hardship, please email our sixth-grade school counselor. 

  • Are there any forms that I need to submit for my child to attend? Your child's teacher will send permission slips (all students).
  • What are the lunch options? Your student’s ticket includes a boxed lunch catered by Chick-fil-A. The Regular Box includes a chicken sandwich, potato chips, fruit cup, and a chocolate chip cookie. The Vegetarian Box substitutes a veggie wrap (mix of lettuce and cheese in a flaxseed flour flatbread) instead of a chicken sandwich. You will select either the Regular or Vegetarian lunch when purchasing your child’s ticket. 
  • Will there be volunteers at the event? While there will be a small number of volunteers, due to the pandemic we are required to keep the number of non-school staff to an absolute minimum. We are unable to have the traditionally large amount of volunteers helping out nor are we able to have parents attend to watch the event.
  • What safety protocols are in place? This event will adhere to all FCPS safety protocols. The entire event will take place outside. Masks are mandatory for all attendees and social distancing will be maintained at all times. The students will remain in a cohort consisting of only their class and their child’s teacher. Each cohort will have an assigned time at each activity station. The students will not freely roam during the event. They will be required to remain at all times with their own cohort and be socially distanced within their cohort. Any equipment a child touches at a station will be sanitized after each use. For example, after a student rides the famous Go Racer (aka Toilet Bowl), that equipment will be sanitized before the next rider. The activities chosen for this year’s event were specifically selected because of the ability to sanitize after each user. We have eliminated activities that were used in prior 6th grade parties that are not COVID appropriate for this year.
  • What’s the safety protocol for lunch? The students will receive a catered Chick-fil-A lunch. The restaurant will individually box each meal so that each student will receive their own pre-packaged boxed lunch. Each class will have a designated time for their lunch rotation and the students will eat outside and be at least 6 feet apart from each other when eating.
  • What is the Class Gift to CRS? It is a CRS 6th grade tradition that the graduating class gives a token of appreciation in the form of a class gift to the school as they graduate and move on to middle school.  Past class gifts have included a lectern in Exploratory Arts, decorative pavers for the Kiss & Ride sidewalk, and the Bobcat costume, just to name a few. The class gift is something that is practical that the school can actually use and the party committee involves the Principal and 6th-grade teachers in identifying potential helpful items that would benefit the school. This year's class gift selection will be shared with the class families when the decision is finalized.  

Questions? Contact our Sixth Grade Party Committee