Multicultural Reading Program

Multicultural Reading 

The Multicultural Reading Program is an award-winning literacy development program that Churchill Road kids and teachers love! This program consists of multilingual reading and multicultural value comparisons aligned with the Language Arts curriculum. Research at Johns Hopkins Univerisity showed the program effectively motivated children to engage with multicultural reading and world languages. This program won the Northern Virginia PTA award for Family Engagement and was nominated for a Virginia PTA award in 2019. In addition, it was proudly presented to the Virginia Association for the Gifted annual conference in 2019.

Questions? Contact our Multicultural Reading Program Coordinator.

VolunteerVolunteer for multicultural reading

Do you want to be part of this exciting multicultural journey? Parents read books first in native languages and then English while introducing the specific countries and artifacts to classrooms. In addition, they will help children compare cultural values with their own through small activities. To volunteer, please send an email to our Multicultural Reading Program Coordinator at

The Multicultural Reading Program is currently on hold for 2021-2022; check back for updates.


Learn more on how to run the lessons with homeroom teachers in the orientation session. Orientation will be on TBA. So, please check back soon!

How the Multicultural Reading Program Works

We will have at least one lesson per grade from kindergarteners through six-graders this school year, possibly in Spring. Previously kindergartners learned about India, first-graders Spanish-speaking countries, second-graders South Korea, and third-graders Russia. See some examples (PDF)!


During the class, you will show a short video of one country and share its artifacts with students. Then, you will read a carefully selected children’s book in a native language first and then English, helping students predict the story first for better engagement. After the reading, students will do small activities to compare cultural values with their own. The lesson, aligned with the Virginia Language Arts curriculum, will be detailed in a lesson plan with instructions. The Coordinator will provide you with all the resources you'll need — book, video, presentation, and activity materials.