What are Appropriations?

Depending upon the funds raised by the CRS PTA during each school year, the members will allocate additional funds over the planned budget to Appropriations. The CRS PTA will solicit proposals for potential funding to benefit the CRS community from parents and school staff. An Appropriations Committee (consisting of parents and school administration/staff) will review proposals and provide a proposed funding proposal to the CRS PTA board. The board will vote on the proposed investments and then present these at a general membership meeting for approval. For questions about Appropriations, contact our Treasurer.

Appropriations Funding & proposals

What's your appropriations wish list idea?

The generous support of Churchill Road families, community supporters, faculty, and staff enable us to operate the CRS PTA Appropriations fund. This program seeks to fund projects of impact for our elementary school. The CRS PTA will announce the Appropriations funding (if enough additional funding is raised) during the school year. Teachers, CRS staff, and current PTA members can submit proposals.


Date TBA: Request for Committee Member volunteers

Date TBA: Proposal window open

Date TBA: Proposal submission deadline

Date TBA: Appropriations Committee reviews proposals

Date TBA: PTA membership votes on committee recommendations

Past Appropriations Investments

2018-2019 Appropriations Presentation (Google Slides)

2017-2018 Appropriations Presentation (Google Slides)