“Boo” Your Neighbor!

You have been booed!

Have fun “booing” your neighbors! Leave a few small treats for a neighbor, along with the “I’ve Been Booed” sign (click the button below to download and print). You can also leave them the page with instructions for what to do if they want to spread the fun. Each person who gets “booed” leaves that sign on their door so they don’t get duplicate treats (!!), and then they “boo” other neighbors. It’s fun when the whole neighborhood sports “We’ve Been Booed!” signs.

Boo Sign and Instructions

Please keep it going by following these directions:

  • Enjoy your treats!

  • Place the We’ve Been Booed sign on your front door or in a window!

  • Within two days, make two copies of these instructions, two copies of the We’ve Been Booed sign, and two yummy treats!

  • Secretly deliver to two neighbors who haven’t been Booed yet!



(Note: You can download and view PDFs with free PDF reader programs such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader).