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Not receiving our newsletter? 

Make sure you register on our website. If your family has registered, but you are not receiving the newsletter, please log in to your account — make sure your family's account includes your email address (may have been set up only with one parent/guardian's information) and that it is up-to-date. Check your subscriptions, and make sure your newsletter status is set to "Subscribed." If this data is all correct, please check your junk mail folder — occasionally, emails can erroneously go to junk/spam folders. You can follow the instructions for your email provider to avoid future messages going in error to junk mail.


Our newsletters are mailed during the school year on Mondays at 3 p.m. In addition, a copy is posted each week on our website's archive, so you can always find any missed messages. 

What if I'm not a PTA member? 

Any CRS family is welcome to register and create an account on the PTA website — you can create an account without joining the PTA (but we always welcome you to join whenever you want!) — our email list will include individuals registered on this website.

My family is no longer at CRS; how do I unsubscribe from CRS PTA emails? 

Log in to our website using your CRS PTA username & password. Then mouse over My Account on the right-hand side of the navigation menu. Next, click on Subscriptions, then toggle the mailing list subscription preference to Unsubscribed. Alternatively, click on the link for managing subscription status at the bottom of every email. You can also contact us at and ask for your account and information to be deleted.

Not seeing our posts on Facebook in your News Feed? 

On our Facebook page, click on Following and select See First under In Your News Feed to make sure you never miss a post.

I'm not receiving emails from the Room Parents for my child's class - how do I fix this? 

Log in to your account and check the Family Information. Make sure that the correct teacher & grade are noted for each child. Emails from Room Parents are sent through our web platform — you'll be automatically added to the relevant grade and homeroom list. Accidentally deleted an email? Go to the navigation menu, select Our PTA>Grade & Homeroom Boards, and click on the respective grade or homeroom board to find a copy of all messages.

I have content to submit  what do I do? 

Follow the instructions in our Volunteer Guide, or contact the VP of Communications.

Looking for the Churchill Road News You Choose ("Churchill Chatter")? 

Go to the Churchill Chatter.

Received a request for a wire transfer or other odd request that seems like phishing?

Scammers may use emails or text messages to attempt to steal money or personal information. In that effort, they may spoof CRS PTA email addresses in a phishing attempt to trick you. The CRS PTA never requests money via wire transfers and any requests for gift card donations will come through proper channels (and be fully explained on our website, like our Secret Snowman program). If you are ever uncertain about an email or text that you receive related to the CRS PTA, please contact the CRS PTA President or VP of Communications. For more information about how to recognize phishing attacks, protect yourself against phishing, and report phishing attempts, please review this information from the FTC

Have other questions? 

Contact the VP of Communications.