CRS PTA Logos and Templates

Need a CRS PTA logo or template? Check below for our most commonly used materials. Contact our Communications Committee if you need other design assets or any assistance required.



CRS PTA Circle Logo


CRS PTA Logo Alternatives (transparent, no circle: Winston + horizontal text): White Font for Blue Background or Blue Font for White Background (for other available options, contact the Communications Committee to access all assets).


Winston the Bobcat: Head with Red Hat or Full Body with Blue Hat

Pawprint: Dark Blue or Yellow


Need a slide or document template to use for a CRS PTA program/activity? Access one of the templates below from our shared drive - these are all Google file formats but can be downloaded in the file format of your choosing.

Presentation Template

Slides Template


Note: The slide master has been customized for the CRS PTA (including the font and colors). To use this template, insert slides as needed. You can then choose from different, pre-formatted layouts - in Google Slides, go to 'Slide,' then 'Apply Layout' to choose a design that works for your content. In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can select the slide layout when clicking on 'New Slide.'

Document Templates

Print/Copy Friendly Document (works for black and white)


Dark Header Document (for color copies or digital use)


Meeting Agenda Document

More Design Information

We use the Arimo font. Our primary colors are dark blue (#101D40; RGB 16, 29, 64) and white (#FFFFFF; RGB 255, 255, 255). Our accent colors are yellow (#FDDD00; RGB 253, 221, 0) and blue (#0070CC; RGB 0, 112, 204). Need more info? Ask the Communications Committee for access to our branding guidelines for the full details.


Need help or other design assets? Contact our Communications Committee.