Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Welcome - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Our Mission

  • Take concrete actions to help our community identify and address racial bias and discrimination and ensure that the PTA fully represents and supports all members of our community.

  • Connect to the CRS Driving Question by using equity to support each other through a changing landscape and invest in our community's health. 

Our CRS PTA committee position is mirrored at both the state and national levels:

  • National PTA Position Statement: "National PTA stands firmly against racism in all forms and the culture of oppression that permeates the United States. As an association that represents all children, we must listen, educate, and advocate beyond rhetoric and rise to correct all inequities and injustices."

  • National PTA Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: "To be part of the solution, National PTA recognizes that we have our own work to do to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion across the association..."

What we are doing

As a starting point, our committee has identified areas where we can improve our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and collaborate with the school on curriculum and community DEI efforts. These areas include PTA led or sponsored:

  • Programs

  • Events

  • Resources

We are also proceeding with:

  • Assessments of all PTA programs and events

Our goal is to create more inclusive and diverse paths forward as a community.

Diversity Inventory

To track and catalog our work, we have established a Diversity Inventory. (This inventory is based on the model used by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.) 2020-2021 Diversity Inventory Report





DEI lens evaluation of PTA sponsored and led events


VP Membership

Catalog holidays and celebrations important to our CRS community



Creation/collaboration on DEI PBL, including parent presentation model


VP Community Relations

PTA website resources


VP Community Relations

Standard definitions for terms


VP Community Relations

Multicultural Reading Program


Multicultural Reading Program Coordinator

Meeting Archive


At CRS, we're marking Black History Month 2022 (February) with an invitation to read with your children. We've compiled a list of children's books that gently explore perspectives from an intersection of marginalized voices. More information


Questions? Please email vpcommunityrelations@churchillroadpta.org 


Join Us

We have more work to do, and we are grateful to hear your input and ideas. Please feel free to email the VP of Community Relations with suggestions. We also encourage everyone to attend our every-other-month meetings — we want to hear from and include all voices in our community.