Executive Board Roles and Responsibilities

The CRS PTA Executive Board meets regularly during the school year and oversees the many CRS PTA programs happening at Churchill Road throughout the year. 


Each spring, the Nominating Committee will recruit potential candidates for the officer positions for the upcoming school year.


A high-level description of the responsibilities of each of the board roles is included below.


The President's responsibilities include managing the overall objectives and strategies of the PTA, coordinating the work of CRS PTA officers and committees, and presiding at all PTA meetings. The President also signs contracts, speaks at school-wide and PTA events, and collaborates with board members and school administration to successfully implement all PTA-related activities.


The President-Elect commits to a two-year term, the first year as President-Elect and the second year as PTA President. The President-Elect acts as an aide to the President, performing the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to act and performing other delegated duties as assigned.


The Secretary is responsible for taking and publishing minutes at all PTA meetings, keeping the official copy of the CRS PTA bylaws in their files, maintaining a membership list, and performing other delegated duties as assigned.


Responsibilities of the Treasurer include managing the PTA budget, keeping financial records, making authorized disbursements, presenting the budget at PTA meetings, and preparing the annual tax return. The Treasurer leads the Budget Committee, which develops the annual proposed budget. Additionally, the Treasurer will prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year and ensure that the accounts are examined according to our financial review procedures.


The VP of Student Activities is responsible for overseeing events and programs related to enrichment programs. This role includes oversight of our academic enrichment programs — After School (including student clubs), Artist Workshop, Assemblies, Spelling Bee, and Reflections — as well as Wellness programs and the Sixth Grade Party. This role also has oversight for the Staff Appreciation Committee and our Library Volunteer Program.


The VP of Fundraising is responsible for overseeing the fundraising efforts for the year. Activities include overseeing fundraising events and programs and working with the Treasurer to create the projected budget for the upcoming year. Fundraising efforts include the Bobcat Fund, Book Fair, spirit wear, our annual spring fundraiser, restaurant nights, school supplies, shop & support programs (such as AmazonSmile and Box Tops), and more.


The VP of Membership is responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, providing membership reports at CRS PTA board and general membership meetings, and working with the Treasurer to collect dues. In addition, the VP oversees new family outreach and family events as well as our Parent Ambassadors and CRS Garden programs. The VP also has oversight for hospitality at PTA meetings.


The VP of Community Affairs is responsible for overseeing the committee chairs that run events and programs which support advocacy, community service, DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion), social responsibility, and care and compassion for others. Areas of responsibility include liaising with the McLean Citizens Association, Safe Community Coalition, the Fairfax County Council of PTAs, and the Fairfax County Special Education PTA. The VP is also responsible for the Multicultural Reading ProgramMulticultural Night, Parent Education workshops, and Churchill Cares and Family Assistance.


The VP of Communications is responsible for overseeing all CRS PTA communications (email, Facebook & Twitter, website, lobby bulletin board, etc.) — including ensuring close coordination with the CRS front office. The goal of the Communications Committee is to ensure that the CRS community is well-informed on all CRS PTA news, events, and other updates. In addition, the VP of Communications has responsibility for the CRS DirectoryYearbook, and Room Parent programs.


Who can serve?

Parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and members of the community who are members of the CRS PTA can serve as officers or board members. (Note: Two people can choose to share a VP position and work together to fill the position — must share one vote).

What are the primary job responsibilities of board members?

All positions last one year (with the hope that you consider returning in the role [except for President, who first serves as President-Elect and then one year as President]). The maximum number of consecutive terms for all positions other than President is three terms per our current bylaws.

  • Must be a member of the CRS PTA
  • Attend monthly board and general membership meetings
  • Give updates on your area at general membership meetings
  • Work with committee chairs to review budgets and plans before activities
  • Provide oversight to committee chairs, coordinators, and liaisons to ensure completion of CRS PTA activities
  • Ensure a smooth transition between terms by meeting with their successor to pass along files and knowledge